End of the World

The floors move beneath you, the walls start to shake

Don't pay much attention, it's just an earthquake

The streets crack away and the windows, they shatter

Forget every memory, they no longer matter

This could be Hell's vengeance, so let them have fun

I hope you're prepared, for the end's just begun

Let us go find the sun

The sweet life that we crave

If you don't take my hand, then we'll never be saved

The buildings collapse and the ground separates

Don't hold back for others, for same it's too late

This tragedy's worse than a fire or flood

The sky starts to darken, the dirt's stained with blood

There's no where to hide, all you can do is run

And to think, no one thought such a cruel thing would come

Disappear into time

Let the heavens attack

Just promise you'll run and you'll never look back

One moment to gaze back at your falling world

Filmed in a dull grey, all the colors now swirled

That love that once lived is now hollow and dead

Looks threaten the heart, but not one tear is shed

A cruel fate we're given, a bittersweet end

Not ever to see this place, never again

Please, don't try to fight it

Just hold on real tight

We can't win this game, just two pawns in the fight

A moment left now, only seconds to think

So much has been lost, tears pour down and hearts sink

Did you take every chance, did you ever find love?

When the ground becomes cold, will we wake from above?

For years, they have told us, "It's never too late"

But how can time win when it fights against fate?

Far away, there's a place

Where we'll laugh and we'll cry

I swear, if we run, we can take air and fly

Don't fear all the things that you don't understand

You can cry all you want to, just don't lose my hand

I know it is useless to run or to hide

I'll fall with a smile if you're here by my side

The end has now come to purge all of the lies

Where will we be next when we open our eyes?

Just give me a smile

This promise, I'll keep:

When all had turned black, I will find you in sleep