My best friend and my worst enemies.

It was a perfect day until stupid Fernando ruined it. I was just waiting for the next teacher to come and Fernando made me angry so I called him a dumbass and he got angry so he challenged me, the challenge was kill him with my own two fist but I didn't want to kill anyone but everybody pushed me to the front because they wanted to see us fight. Fernando tried punching me many times but I was fast so he couldn't.

When he was about to hit my face I dodge it then I pushed him and he fell but his head hit the table since it was pretty close, he passed out and it seems like he was dead. I felt fear that I'll get in trouble if somebody finds out that I killed him and it was so unfair that just a little push killed him and he was the one who challenged me.
My classmates shouted at me for that, I tried ignoring them but then I punched a guy, that's when I felt the need for blood for the first time and also the first time that I discovered a nature that always hid inside of me. Everyone were silent but I continued on beating the guy who I punched till he was dead. It was the best thing I ever felt.

"What the hell wrong with you?!" A girl shouted, she was another ennoying classmates that always made fun of me, I punched her and she died instantly, soon everyone wanted to fight with me so I beat everyone.

The next day

Fernando was revived, I don't know how but he was in perfect condition and he still remembered that I killed him so he and his girlfriend Marta wanted a fight and this time I accepted because I felt immortal, all of the fights that I been throught none could scratch me so I accepted and the first one to die was Fernando I hit him twice then I threw him to the wall and blood came out of him covering the wall with fresh crimson blood then Marta came behind me and tried to hit me but I hit her before she could hit me, I grabbed her head and used it to hit against the wall, I kept on doing this for a while and I couldn't stop.

It felt like an eternity of satisfaction as I kept on beating the corpse but revenge felt so sweet but you can never have a good moment last forever in life.

The literature teacher entered and saw me banging Marta's head against the wall, there was nothing worse than teachers, they were like nighmares. I unconsciously let go of the corpse and went to my seat.

"Itzel, did you kill Marta?" she asked me. It was a stupid question.

"N-no, I-I" but I was scared and couldn't help but lie even thought it was totally obvious.

"Yes, teacher. Yesterday she killed us all and now she killed Fernando and Marta again." The teacher scolded me and I just wanted this day to be over to get revenge again on everyone.

The next day

I entered the classroom but Fernando and Marta pushed me and I fell on top of my best friend and her head hit the table and died, the only person that I didn't dare kill in my classroom was my best friend. I was angry at Marta and Fernando but I didn't do anything, I just waited for the next day to apologize.

After the long day of torture ended, I didn't do anything to anyone. I just went to school as if nothing happened then faced my best friend and I was mildly scared "Fernanda, I'm so sorry about killing you yesterday." I apologized sincerely.

"It's okay its not your fault, besides I'm not angry."

"Oh that's good and I promise you that I'll never let that happen again, I'll stop fighting." Killing was an addiction to me but if I had to kill my best friend then I would rather stop but I couldn't keep that promise for more than 24 hours because the teacher told everyone in the classroom that we are having a homework which is killing.

It was a team homework, she chose the teams and I was with Fernando and Laura. We had to go to the market at midnight.

At night

We stood there waiting and waiting, we were too early and I was dead tired. As I was going to sit on the ground, the lights suddenly turned off and I quickly stood up. There was a weak earthquake, things just shook but nothing fell.

A small gang of weird small people in black suddenly showed up bouncing, they were the thieves that we were suppose to kill. The fight was long and tiring, to me it was easy but it boring and slightly tiring, since they lasted for hours due to the fact that they were a extremely large pack of weird mutated mini people that seems to be high on caffeine, they were bouncing, running, and screaming and they would jump on you trying to pull off your head.

Anyway, we won in the end. Laura and Fernando were injured slightly and were on the ground totally worn down but Fernando stood up just to give me a high five so I did, just because he was my worst enemy doesn't mean that I wouldn't high five him or be nice to every once in a while, but when I high five-ed him, he fell and die.

"ARGH! Why do I kill so easily?!" I grabbed the nearest object and threw it, his deads were SO not my fault.

Hehehe, it was a fun dream and I'm not using real names so you can't report me! HAHA!

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