I Am Nothing

When we're together I never think,

My heart beats, my eyes blink.

Have you ever asked yourself?

Have you even wondered how it would be?

But of course you haven't, why would you?

I'm younger, dumber, don't have a clue.

I'm cursed to be your friend forever,

It's a hapless torture I'll endeavor.

But can't you see me?

Can't you tell?

You've made this life a living hell.

It's every time you shut me out,

It's every thought I can't drown out.

So I'll tell you how these simple things,

How the haunt my mind, how they haunt my dreams:

Every thought is you, every breath is you.

I'm so sick of it, I hate you,

I will never get enough of you.

That's why I say it,

It's why I lie.

Because whatever I do,

As hard as I try,

I'll never mean a thing to you.