When it comes down to it
you have more cons than pros,
but I never was one for making lists.
Always bellyflopping into ice cold water,
(like your poisonous kisses)
but the rush it gave me
always seemed to outweigh the pain.

My mother was convinced
that one day I would drown
because I never had the patience
to wait 30 minutes after I ate,
but I fought like hell
to keep my head above water.
Yet now I find myself
sinking fast into your arms
forgetting all the lessons
mother taught me
and losing control of myself.

Only you have that effect on me
like a forbidden sweet
stored on the top shelf.
I'm climbing up to reach it,
but I'm constantly falling
just before it's in my hand.
I know if I get caught
there will be hell to pay.
But you suck me in anyway
and I can't seem to let you go,
no matter how logical it seems.

Then again,
I never was one for logic
living in a fairytale world
where I was a princess,
waiting for my perfect prince.

You're nowhere near perfect,
but maybe you could be my prince?