Prologue: Clearance

High school: The place that most of my outer life takes place at.

The city: The place where my double life, my inner self, whatever you want to call it lives.

So tell me. I like riddles. They are like the foundation of my life. Answer this one and you've got a full access pass to the roller coaster of my life. So riddle me this:

What does the honor roll, endless parties, a school tabloid, hidden identities, the CIA, Jameson High School, spies-in-training, and falling in love have in common?

One thing.


A/N: So. I got really bored with my other story and I felt like I was going to kill a soon-to-be-major character. Not good. So I'm taking a break from that, and writing this :) It's a spy love story. But the love may not work out - In other words, they have to choose between killing each other or facing their opposing organizations together. Kind of like a teen Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sound good? I hope it does... ANYWAYS. I'll update if people like it! And, fyi, I always like hyper reviewers with pointless questions!