A small place, floating in me. It tells me what I should do. How to do it.
Sadly, I never knew. And time is displacing me. The current so swift to take them away.
I never saw it coming.

Before I could tell. I was standing up. Standing for something. Up to something.
Or someone. Rights or freedom. Its like politics or sex. Why talk about it? Or anything.
What if there were no lips on mouths? This thing wouldn't exist. Like the poison in your cup. The grain liquid off your breath. Smell off your upper lip.
Cantine full of elixir. Ether. Enemies.

For some reason.
Wait. There are no reasons. Reasoning. Exscuses. Mind full of blank.
Well- at least take your time. Time will kill you. Take it. Don't leave it, or lose it. There was a time in my life when, when time was missing. There was no tiomorrow. And today didn't seem real. Yesterday was gone, but yet it wasn't. yesterday is today but tomorrow is today too. And that's my today.

Stained glass grotto. Getting it on.
We used to be flying kites
Painted pictures for others to see. Not you
that flew against the wind
Grounded by gravity
we used to be owls all night.
And reaching for air
up for anything.
Gulp your saliva down
ready for our next victim.
Rub your throat

As I held you close
And you pecked my forehead
I knew.

I knew….

How this was nothing
how strange it was How good it felt
how clear the night was. How it came about
how it could've been
How drunk I was
How it wasn't real how this would've never happened.
How it shouldn't of How I came so close.

Yet again.
Im almost there baby

Everyone laughs at songs we sing.
Crys when the lights go off
Dies at the moonlight once or twice
Travels when they have no home
Starts over when they have failed

Nasty little thoughts. Keep me up all night
Take a pill or three. Take your last hit. Or sip.
Roll over and smooth
Take one more chance
I love you.