"From A Friend"

One night you sat on a stool as I stood in the crowd, staring up at your wonderful face. A soft and simple melody flows from the silver strings of your guitar. You breathe in and out, the microphone amplifying your voice. A sweet song spills from the pink of your lips as they press against the black mesh and you start to sing. Wonderful lyrics you had wrote late at night with a busted pen on a piece of torn exercise paper are the words you sing, and I am so in love with you.

But those track marks on your arms tell a different story of past betrayal and present loss. A string of your heart that I wish I could pull to make everything better again. I doubt you even remember me from our childhood, when you were the cute blond that lived three houses down and still does. I doubt you even remember me when I was your best friend three years ago and how you would help me with my homework. Now you need help.

From teddy bears to night terrors, gummy candy to acid trips, you've been through it all with me. I wish that you could remember the times before high school - how wonderful you were. As you sat in the library with your black and white journal, writing songs that I never even read yet.

Seventeen and already your life has been wasted in less than a year. How quick people can change is frightening. Without me you've lost yourself, and I feel that I have lost a part of my life to your heroin. I wish I could be your heroine.

The drug is your mistress and you are its slave. Captivated by it's burning appeal to your frost bitten veins. I wish I could shake you by the shoulders and tell you that you're better than that, but I can't. You're too far gone and I miss you.

I stand over the freshly turned soil looking down on a grave of flowers too bright to be there. An engravement in stone that I wish was a mistake, but reality is far too real.

I can feel you here now, with me, and you remember. Your mind is cleared from the addict's daze that you never seemed to come out of and the grave it put you in. The blood is gone, the tears are gone, and your foggy mind is gone. Now, when you can remember me, it's too late to tell you that I've always loved you.