A little bit short, a little bit sad. Written around a comment from a friend, about how people sometimes think that things like drugs or alchohol are a trend.


The weekend's up and now the fad

Is sitting in a crackhouse

Looking so sad

And the whores are dressed to impress

All the guys and someone's in the corner

With the empty blue eyes

High on an iPod, down on a dose

Too ready to surrender what they need the most

The dirt on the window's getting pretty black

Everybody comes but they never go back

And I guess we forgot to forget what they said

But it's so hard when the innocence's dead

Stuck in the back with a needle and a dream

And they're all too high to listen to it scream

And that somebody's up and they're getting off the floor

Saying "I can't live like this anymore"

Maybe they'll get out and maybe they won't

Maybe someone cares and maybe they don't

Weekend's up now, the fad's gone by

Who knew it'd be so fun to try

R&R, s'il vous plait.