Falling Out Of Love

Love pillaged where the dust smolders
Joy also ravaged the hills and plains
All lonely survivors are a little older
Only colorless, half-shadows remain…

Love came unwanted, lingered, and left,
All of us tearingly begging it not to go;
It took everything, leaving us bereft
Feeding on passion, leaving us cold.

We forsake that sickening happiness,
We'll settle into comforting loneliness,
We'll go a little cruel, a little heartless,
But we do confess,
We feel a little less...

Forgotten existences, souls, and hearts
They don't remember fulfillment,
Like whispers of memory are the parts
Of love's world, just before it went...

They toil the earth with ghostly melancholy
Like spirits trapped between dimensions;
Like souls tortured in the hellfire of purgatory,
All joys of flesh are bitter to taste, to mention

Love happened too fast and too soon
Too good, too true, and not quite right...
The sky is black without the moon;
Souls are black without love's insight.

The survivors dare to rise
Looking at the ruins to rebuild
Now a little wary, wise,
Emptying the void love filled.