Naked and conquered
Gray lines more blurred
Laid like a corpse in a bed
Internally bleeding and dead

Once a lily, so young, so pretty
But he tore my petals apart
Just look what he did to my heart

I've tasted corruption
Just look at me rot
Stuck in depression
I'm losing direction
Lost in the lies that I bought

I feel so violently worthless
My soul's lost in a mess
In acts of "love" I am killed
I feel empty and unfulfilled

I'm cut off from the vine
I have nothing that's mine
Drained of God's mercy and grace
I am completely out of my place

These joys I have known are sorrows
Sex is a drug that I crave
The world says that this is my life
But I can't live my life in a grave
But what does the world know?
It can't even define "man and wife".
Politically correct, we mustn't offend
We might break, but we won't bend

Once you're lost, it's hard to come back
But God whispers hope in the black
So I'm tasting forgiveness
Forgetting the lust that has died
Losing the excess
In a torrent of blesses
There is no reason to cry
I'm alive