In the stillness, I tremble
I break like silent glass
In the rush of the day
I forget how restless I am
In the darkness, I crumble

How long will this last?
How long before the dawn?

Are moods so capricious,
Swept by fads of pain and joy?
Is there an answer to sorrow?
Is there a cure for pain?

No drug can measure to love,
No lust can end up in joy.
Are we meant to be used and discarded?
Can anyone hear us at all?

At the end of the day, my heart breaks,
And there's little that breaks my fall.
I miss the comfort of childhood,
I miss the ease of belief.
I yearn for the innocence I once had,
I am crushed by my burden of sins.
Like the Psalmist, my soul cries for God,
"Abba, Father," is my cry.
I have no where to go but where truth is;

My soul will rest only in Him.