Another class project thing. I rather like it.

Cut glass of a scream

Rips through a throat already raw

This painted mask is ripped clean

A blank face remains, bloody and torn

What was a somebody is a nobody

Malleable and left bare

Unknown and a terrifying deformity

A monster in human skin.

Mad scramble for a disguise

Safety in a mask, a lie

Armor against the masses

A singular apocalypse behind faceted eyes

Helpless and alone, screaming into the silence

Pretending and hoping not to be Seen.

A chain shot through the heart

Anchored to a ghost and wisps of dreams

Tangible when left naked and alone

A dual-nature of innocence and rage

Wild and untamed with tougher predators

A secret locked without a key.

One last try, one more mask

Bright eyes and ruby lips

An elegant figure in a dance for dominance

A delicate game of cruel smiles and deadly words

Honesty without the truth

Learn their ways and spiral into darkness

Another monster of a different kind.