Harry Potter vs Twilight

Let the Epic Battle Begin!

This is the epic battle of our time. And it is quite epic. Fangirls (and boys) have from both sides have been battling it out ever since Twilight came into existence. Well today I shall set the record straight. I will look at all key points of storytelling/movies and determine a winner. Let the battle begin:


Harry Potter: Here is one unique and quite original story line. Except not really. Harry Potter is the chosen one (where have we seen that before?) and must kill the almighty bad guy. Yeah…not really anything special. But no one has seen it in this form before. In this amazing world that J.K. Rowling transports us into. (but that's another category) but that's not the only problem that Harry and the other character's face. There are so many other complex storylines that go along with the main clichéd one.

Twilight: A girl falls in love with a vampire. Not original in the slightest. There are countless upon countless even thousands of different vampire stories before Stephanie Meyer's time. There are really no other storyline's mixed in either. The girl is just dealing with her love for the vampire the whole time. Sure, Meyer mixes in werewolves in there too, but that is also unoriginal.

Winner: Harry Potter


Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling has the most amazing imagination ever. The world that she created was…insanely awesome. I mean the kids go to a wizarding school in a magic castle with ever changing staircases, talking portraits, crazy animals (not to mention crazy professors), and epicness. Who wouldn't want to go to a school like that?

Twilight: Forks, Washington. Small town where it rains all the time. I don't think that anyone would choose this boring place over Hogwarts.

Winner: Harry Potter


Harry Potter: Okay essentially it's the battle of the emo characters. We've got Harry Potter emo because his parent's died and his godfather died and his mentor died. And we've got Bella who's emo just because. Who would you rather have an emo guy or an emo girl. No offense to the female race (I mean I'm a girl myself) but let's face it, girls are so much more annoying than guys are, especially if they're complaining all the time. When Bella gets emo, she curls up in a ball and cries. When Harry Potter gets emo, he kicks ass. He gets pissed and starts attacking everybody and everything. So much more badass than crying, don't you think? And then there's the bad guy. Voldemort. *shudder* a bad guy who's name can't even be spoken because he's so evil. How kick booty is that? And Twilight…well Twilight doesn't even really have one main evil character. Lame.

Twilight: Okay so Twilight has Edward, the hottest guy since Dorian Gray, but unfortunately that's all he is. His personality is like one of a rock, and it's sickening at times. The only reason why people like him is because he's hot. Not a good basis for a character. Then Meyer redeems herself and creates Jacob, the only 'real' character it seems in the series (though perhaps Alice may be considered cool too). He's sweet, got a sense of humor, and he's also hot. So he's hot with a personality. Eat that, Edward Cullen. Oh, but not literally though…But of course that's not good enough for Meyer or Bella for that matter. Harry Potter's 'supporting cast' as it were, are Ron and Hermione. Both of them have stellar personalities and you just gotta love them. Ron's hilarious and adorable and Hermione's a brainiac and admirable.

Winner: Harry Potter


Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling is the richest woman in Britain and pretty much the world. She's like the unofficial queen of England. Enough said.

Twilight: Stephanie Meyer. Some random mother who had a dream one night and decided to write a book. Definitely not royalty.

Winner: Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Okay, so both of these books have film series. Let's compare shall we? Harry Potter has 8 movies. That's quite a lot of movies and quite a lot of time. Admittedly the first Harry Potter films weren't amazing. But as they have gone on they've gotten better and better. Actor wise? We've got the three main characters; Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. Daniel Radcliffe is kind of a jackass, egomanic, but he likes to strut his stuff onstage (if you know what I mean) and that takes balls (no pun intended). Emma Watson is some kind of genius and she's going to go to Yale or some ivy league school. Yay college! And Rupert Grint is…well he just is. I don't think he really cares about anything, but he has an ice cream truck and that's pretty kick ass. Also in the Harry Potter films you have the great and I mean great British actors and actresses. You've got Maggie Smith, Micheal Gambon, Ralph Finnes, Helena Bothom Carter (who is amazing), Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman (who is the definition of "badass"), Emma Thompson, and the one dude who plays Pettigrew who's the bad guys sidekick in every movie ever made. There are like a gazillion Oscars between all those people. Insaneness!

Twilight: Okay so the first film was a success, but was it because it was a good movie or was it because of the crazy fangirls? Admittedly, it wasn't a bad film. It was pretty enough to ignore all of the horrible special effects and pukey dialogue, and laughable makeup. When I say pretty I of course mean Robert Pattinson (who was also in Harry Potter. Hmmm.) The movie was pretty much a success because of him. I wonder what all the fangirl's are going to do in New Moon when Edward is hardly in it…Then there's Kristen Stewart, who no one knew before this movie. And everyone else is completely nameless. I actually like when directors choose unknowns, it's fresh (if they're good actors).

Winner: Harry Potter

The battle is over. Let's tally up the points:

Harry Potter: 5

Twilight: 0

That was laughable, a total smackdown! I think it's pretty clear by now which is better. Harry Potter can kick Twilight's ass any day.