The time has come to set me back a few hundred years,

I'm still waiting here on this land above the broken heavens.

In your eyes you say that I am not ready,

But all my life I have looked in imagined lover's perfection

For you to blow me that wonderful kiss to me

Of that kiss shall I find the love?

No matter how the taste is I will do it for you my love

To have you kneel against me and flow like the sea

The savage promises that you have made

Shall you keep them?

Or shall you take them and rip them to little peaces in front of me,

Like it was nothing in the first place,

Then batter my happiness against a rock,

Dreaming of your kisses all over my cold body as if I were dead

My body the whitest color you have ever seen,

And of my wings,

The black and gold lay here with my cold body,

Then you came,

You put the color back in to me,

As if you have colored me with the love you show,

My once broken wings can fly once more,

You have wound me with your love,

Is it blinding or is it real?

In your arms I lay and stare in to those golden blue eyes

That I have never seen in all my days,

Your and angel from hell and I'm a fairy from the heavens

That has been let down

To never see the happiness and love ever again

You came to show me that can be happy,

We will fallow the for ever moments among the sun touched hills

They are never ending and yet I don't want to leave

I hear your angel wings play such music I have never heard before

Then the silence of your kisses playing against my body

I will have no will against you

As you hold me down

I say, "Do as you please, just get it over with."

You say, "I maybe your lover and more. But I shall not use you like the ones before me have."

I looked in to those eyes of yours,

To see if they hold the truth,

And you are.

But why?

How could you love me like that?

I don't understand

I know that I love you with all my heart and more,

But for you to love me back?

I didn't think that it was possible for some one like you to love a creature

As my self

The time has come to end this

I love you


I will always love you