Title: The book of Seekers…

Chapter 1: Like every other story

'I doubt it… I mean does that place even exist? We've struggled a lot to make it this far, and yet we're so close to Paradise, I can feel it…' the young individual sat up gasping for breath, and coughed a bit. His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he looked around. There was no snow around him, or other wolves for that matter, it was just him and his room.

"That dream…" he said to himself, almost afraid to speak. "Damn…" he groaned and flopped back to his bed. The golden yellow haired teen stared up at the ceiling, blue eyes piercing through the darkness of the room. "I'm gonna kill Eddie when I remember…" he said closing his eyes, hoping to drift off to sleep once more.

A young female individual yawned and rubbed the tears from her eyes. She looked around; her vision was blurry as always. The teen with brown skin stretched for a moment and moved her arm to the side feeling around for the night stand and her glasses. 'Another day of school…' she thought and yawned once more.

"Hurry up Selma, you're going to be late!" someone called out through the other side of the house. "Your father's not going to wait for you forever!"

She lazily moved through her room discarding her night clothing and fixed herself up a bit after pulling out clothing articles from her drawers. She slid open the mirror closet doors and looked up to the right hand corner, her uniform was staring her right in the eye. Gray skirt, white collared shirt, knee high socks, the classic look of a private Catholic school girl.

"Why…?" she asked placing her forehead on the mirror door. She looked up at her reflection and found a wolf smiling at her. "You just keep on smiling wolf…" she said as if it were normal.

"Your mother said to hurry up…" another voice said, accompanied by the flutter of wings.

"Give me a minute…" she said to the other voice as she buttoned her shirt and put on her skirt. "What the hell are you doing up so early anyway?"

"Your mom woke me up…" the voice said cackling for a moment.

"Look at you all dolled up…" A voice said early in the morning. The brown skin toned teenage girl looked up for a moment, breaking her thoughts. She was greeted by a bit smile from a familiar face who wore comfortable jeans and a warm looking hooded jacket.

"Morning to you too, Yuki." She said rubbing her head a bit.

"No butterfly clip today?" the figure known as Yuki asked. Contrast to most girls Yuki was taller, but younger in age, she also had long hair. Selma watched the Asian female for a moment and pouted.

"Does my hair look that bad?" she asked pulling it back for a moment.

"It looks better than it did yesterday." Yuki said messing with her friend's hair for a moment. Selma shook her head and pushed her hair back for a moment. "So… this is your formal uniform?" she asked examining her friend from top to bottom.

"In the flesh…" Selma said fixing the senior sweater on her and frowned. "Stupid ashes…" she said sticking her tongue out in disgust.

"I still don't know why you still go to that Catholic school…" Yuki began.

"Just a couple of months…"

"And then 4 more years of private study…" Yuki said reminding her for the umpteenth time in her life. "Why didn't you just accept a public college?"

"You get use to it…" Selma said looking behind her. "Hey my dad's in the car…"

"Before you leave!" Yuki said pulling something out from her pocket. "I read the thing you gave to… I've been having the same dreams…"

"Yeah…" Selma said absent-mindedly for a moment. She shook her head and took the paper from Yuki's warm hand. "Well when I come back today I'll tell you about a couple of other things…"

"But no wolf form this time… I'm having relatives over so…"

"Don't worry…" Selma said smiling, and Yuki Lam watched her disappear behind the corner of her house, hearing the car engine grow louder down the driveway.

"Eddie…" a voice said trying to be louder than another.

"Come on Ace, just think about it. I'm sure that Paradise must be real, I mean why else would there be bounties for the heads of those wolves?" the teen asked. "Besides that would sort of explain why we can all turn into wolves…"

The individual known as Ace sighed and breathed in for a moment:

"Just because our civilization can do just that, it doesn't mean anything, or prove anything about this ' Paradise' place. If anything it just means our civilization has evolved differently from other worlds in this vast galaxy… And those bounties are bull…" he said trying his best not to sound cold. "They're just a way to keep wolves from messing with the anti-wolf areas…"

"I guess we can rule out the 'fate' and 'destiny' thing." Eddie said sipping his drink quietly.

"Don't start with that again…" Ace said narrowing his blue eyes for a moment back at his good friend Eddie.

Within Ace's own mind he was thinking back to what he had dreamed about. He remembered the snow, and the several wolves that ran with him, but things were hazy in that dream. 'Maybe it's because of all the talks Eddie's been having…' he thought and tried to dismiss any notion of some weird ' Paradise' craze.

He sipped his drink for a moment and yawned. Those dreams were starting to drive him crazy for some reason. He adjusted his dark green hooded sweater, and dusted off his dark jeans.

"We're going to be late for class…" Ace said looking back at Eddie.

"I really think you should at least give the star chart a chance…" his friend began.

A wolf with black fur, earrings and protruding horns, walked around the area of the city and yawned rather lazily looking at the signs around her. 'Anti wolf huh…?' she smiled and found herself standing up on two legs. The young teenage girl had dark colored hair and a noticeable oriental dragon necklace around her neck and dark blue eyes that seemed to gather attention. She wore black jeans and long sleeved shirt with a wicked dragon design around it.

"The crows speak of such a place…" she said looking up at the sky, hearing the crows caw high above in the air. "But why would they be here of all places? It doesn't make any sense… but then again nothing has been making sense…" she said taking her first step into the new territory.

She walked about through the area, her scent still worked despite the transformation, and she was glad. A wolf wasn't much of one without their keen sense of smell. 'They're probably deeper in the city…' she thought moving through the crowds of people.

A slightly middle aged woman sat at her desk, reading over the reports several researchers in the states had given to her. 'It doesn't make sense…' she thought closing the file, pressing her hand firmly on the evidence.

"People are slowly rejecting lupine nature… but why?" she asked herself biting the edge of her thumb. "Does that mean they don't care about our heritage? Or are they just wanting to evolve further…?" these were the questions she asked herself almost everyday.

"Could well be…" another voice said entering the normal looking office. "But don't think so much into it Darcy, you're going to over work yourself." The man said smiling for a moment.

"I guess you're right, Dwight." She said, looking down at the several lines of writing on some of her notes. "You really think we should continue this though… I mean the hunt for those 'vessels'?" she asked.

"They've finally put in enough money to fund us, I say we do it." Dwight said walking back out the door. "Who knows, maybe we might find that fabled Promised Land also."

"… Paradise…" Darcy said, and looked outside the window of her office. "We've already created one here…" she said watching the activity from outside the work place.

A canine looking creature sat in the park, among the shadows the trees created. The wolf had gold and tan fur, with noticeable blue eyes, and visible earrings. He shook his head and breathed in the air once more, trying to get his mind off things.

"If there's no such thing as Paradise, then why…" he growled and closed his eyes. "This doesn't make any sense!"

"Sure it does!" a wolf said walking around him. "Oh come on, don't tell me you forgot who I am already…?"

"Uh…" the wolf with golden yellow fur blinked for a moment. "I kind of forgot…"

"Man, we leave you alone for 5 years and you forgot…" another voice said, laughing.

Ace snapped back into reality and sighed. It was pointless telling anyone this, or else they'd think he was crazy or something, or worse, Eddie would get his hopes up and ramble more and more about Paradise. His friends meant well and he was grateful for that, but there were some things he wished they wouldn't talk so much about.

It was a risk being a wolf in this part of the city, some areas were labeled as 'anti-wolf' trying to keep a human society rich and pure. To Ace, and other wolves in the area, they could easily disguise themselves and blend in with any other human. The wolf husky mix just thought that if people saw wolves again they would fear about the wars from long ago, or that they would notion that wolves would come and raid towns. Many things like that were happening in the city, radicals were speaking out in protest against the 'anti-wolf' cities.

"Falling on deaf ears…" he said to himself and yawned again.

"Come again?" a voice asked from behind him. The wolf stood up and growled defensively. He blinked for a moment noticing the wolf before him. "Huh, the crows were talking about you…" she said laughing. Her fur was a dark blue color, with a black like mane that traveled down to her shoulders. On her head wear green goggles, and around her neck were large beads, and a large eagle feather at the end of it.

"Crows… talk about me?" the wolf asked letting his guard down for a moment. She nodded and sat down. Ace caught sight of something and noticed the white tips on her tails. 'Two tails? Kind of like Tails from Sonic… Wait a minute she's part fox?' his mind was spinning again.

"Crows… eagles, any kind of bird or creature you could name talk to us and talk of us…" the wolf hybrid responded. "And stop staring… it's rude." She said narrowing her dark eyes towards the blue eyed wolf.

"So… Sorry…" he laughed nervously. "Just never seen… um…"

"Just forget it…" she said laughing. Her manner was cheery for meeting a stranger for the first time, and yet she felt comfortable around him, like a long time friend. "My name's Selma, what's yours?"

"Ace… Ace Goldwolf." He said watching the wolf hybrid move about for a bit. " Selma what?" he asked trying to get her attention.

" Selma at your service…" she laughed. "My name's Selma 'r.f.' Duvet Lopes." She said giving a bowing motion towards the wolf husky mix. "What are you doing here?" she asked trying not to sound nosey. "If you don't mind me asking…"

"Thinking…" he said simply shaking his body for a moment, getting the blades of grass off of his fur.

"About what?" she asked, and paused noticing the look in his eyes. "Sorry… I just like asking questions." Selma said laughing nervously.

"Huh, that so?" he asked.

"Have you heard of Paradise?" she asked. "You know the story with those three 'vessels' and the two protectors?"

"When I was a kid…" Ace said reverting back into his human form. He blinked for a moment and watched a human sit on the grass right where the wolf hybrid had stationed herself. "Do you believe it?"

"I don't know…" she said laughing. She straightened her grey skirt and dusted off her dark blue class senior sweater and fixed her glasses. "I guess… it's nice to believe in something, but the present is just fine…"

"…Yeah…" he said staying quiet for a moment.

"You smell like boy…" Yuki said eyeing her friend carefully. Selma blinked in confusion for a moment and then laughed slightly. Her good friend was looking at her with a mischievous smile on her face. "Come spill it, who is it?" she asked.

"No one Yuki…" Selma responded, and shook her head. "And it wasn't like that…" she laughed, taking a bite out of the cookie from the small packet. "It was a gold furred wolf, I think he's a husky mix."

"Really?" she titled her head. "You don't meet that many wolves here… But then again this place is off limits."

"Exactly. A perfect place for us to hide in." the teen said. "Hey… are you going to eat that cookie?"

"Stop eating all my cookies you cookie whore…" the wolf in disguise said pouncing on her friend. "No don't eat… You licked it!"

"You still want it?"

"You can eat it now…" she said pouting.

"Focus…" a voice said, it seemed annoyed for some reason. " Selma, Yuki, stop playing around this is no time for games…"

"Sorry, Myron…" both wolves said, and regained their composure.

"If it is who we think it is, all we have to do if just wait for the others to gather." The crow said speaking from Yuki's bedpost. "Understood?"

"…Just give us some time with this new wolf." Selma pleaded with her pet crow. "I don't think he'll be easily convinced…"