A/N: This is something completely different for me, yet I hope it's good. This poem is very much based on the relationship between me and this guy I'm talking to. The rose symbolizes our relationship, especially since he was the one that gave it to me. Um, enjoy. swallows hard

I should have gone to that party.

It was a Saturday night and the reflection of the rose ricocheted off the mirror into my hazel contacts,

Symbolizing my weltering future.

In the beginning it was vibrant, full of life, the crimson exciting like the promise of approaching spring,

It illuminated my room, my heart, matching my bright smile

Foreshadowing the promise of a blossoming opportunity

That it would be "we."

Now its black and decaying like a garbage dump at midnight, cigarette ashes on a two week old orange peel or a heart that has been broken too many times.

The frowning floral is an indication of a life that has passed; to me it's a dream that has been crumbled, crumbling the reasons of why we should be.

Despite the circumstances,

Our roots would be strong, although it may be deprived of water or money or sunlight or a steady line of communication, just sprinkle a little sugar, a little love, inspiration and it shall strive.

As I discard the now decease plant, I can't help but feel like a part of me is goneā€¦and I'm lonely...like being left outside a closed door when there are people inside.

It started with a rose.

Pre-efflorescence, I used to stare at my empty vase, content with the fact there was nothing that captured my visual attention with its flamboyance, softness that tickled my fingertips as I gazed over it, delighted my senses with its fresh fragrance

Nothing that I could fall in love with.

A simple rose petal on the floor.

Maybe there's hope after all.