I could carry on and on with the aristocrat's divine arrogance my shames and woes and imperfections. I could feed it by spoon the tragedies I have blown to massive proportions until they are demons within my midst; these ugly figures with sweet claws laying their nails to my back and my heart until each bleeding gash spells out my greatest secret that is just so lovely. The only thing I'm keeping from you, darling, don't you know?

And these beautiful beasts, those sweet hellions who dine on what shred of my innocence I make to maintain by the guise of goodness! Oh, god, I have forsaken you at a turn and I regret nothing! How I love the shades that haunt my shadows like every other miserable mortal that has tasted and sipped the touch of life that I have been so shielded from.

My hands are soft, my heart is young, my sins are many and my eyes are not jaded to this world! And I am in love, in love, in love! God could not love me more, could not bless me more, and I spin in circles blind as my intestines crawl and tease and rip as an arm pushes through my lung and mouth and throws these vile creations to the floor and rise up! Rise up in my cruelty so boundless, what do I care for you? You are the wallflowers to my stage! The prop with out mind or mentality or emotion or life! What do I care for you?

I have lived a thousand years and I have died and made life and lived again and learned of nothing and everything! And I have seen you in his eyes and I know his life is your life and I want his life to be mine! But I cannot, cannot steal it for he is mine and I am in love; what have power have I in his eyes and in his arms and in his love? Keep me, love me, make me see! Make me see the sins and sorrow I have left in my wake and rip my heart from the eyes that I have sewn them to to keep them blind, for love is not a reason! Cannot be to blame for my endless shame! Could I love you more! Could I want you more! Our life is sweet and I drink it rapid and no there is no other way!

Oh, and I see your eyes upon me and I see the hands of the clock sweep three as judgment drops upon the tin roof of my creation! I can hear it like rain, rain and thunder and sweet depravity! Could you hate me more! Could you hurt me more! I can feel your nails within my flesh and I can taste your grin pressed into my soul as lovers clasp in wicked union…