Advice to Freshman

Congratulations, Freshman. You have just entered the most torturous period of your life: high school. Chances are, by the time you graduate, you will be annoyed at twenty teachers (minimum), your parents, and the librarian. You will also likely be emotionally scarred, and you will probably have a completely new set of friends than you do now, because you will have a big fight with your friends (most likely around the end of freshman year to mid-sophomore year).

Some people will tell you to enjoy this period of your life because you don't get it back. Trust me, you don't want it back. Just try to get through the next four years with minimal emotional damage. Enjoying it is too hard. Getting great friends will help. Girls, get a couple of friends that you are so close to that you start to have withdrawals when you don't talk to them. And try to get a couple of guy friends. They're fun to have around. Guys, I don't really have any advice for you here because I am a girl myself.

Here's some basic advice: don't buy elevator passes; we don't have elevators. Don't take directions to Z-wing; we don't have one. DO your homework (especially in English); it counts more than you think. Deflate your head NOW, before it gets you into trouble (you're not as cool as you think you are-I promise). Don't grab a freshman homecoming flag and run straight through a group of sophomores and juniors-you WILL get jumped. Girls, you don't need a boyfriend, most the guys are immature jerks, and the few that are worth your time are better as good friends anyway. If you're going to lie, at least do a good job, and don't weave a complicated story-it'll just trip you up. A good quality coffee thermos will be the best friend you ever had. Even if your teacher makes you mad, be nice to them-you may need them for letters of rec. And for guys: if you're going to try out for the football team, be ready for a seriously humbling experience.