Meet the Family

This is how a family functions. Let's say… there is five family members. Member A, B, C, D, and E. Well, member A comes home upset because they had a bad day at work and takes it out on member B. B doesn't like being a stress ball and therefore takes out the anger and pain felt onto family member C. Member C can't take it out on D or E because D is too young and doesn't know better. As for E, well E isn't always around and that wouldn't be fair on E. So what is member C to do? Nothing. It is the job of the middle letter to sit quietly, ask questions in small increments and hope to GOD that they don't blow. Are you fallowing me so far?

My name's Katie, member letter C -the middle letter, oldest sibling. It wasn't always that way. I used to be the youngest and only child. Then member letter A, my mom, met member letter B, my dad. Before you get too confused let me explain. My 'biological father' and I never had the pleasure to meet. He wasn't too thrilled on having a kid and high jacked it to another women -who he also got pregnant. But that's a story for later on. Because I never had this 'father' my mother made it her personal mission to find me one. She sorted her way through the losers, of coarse. Was once engaged to some moron who would beat me with rubber bands assuming that it wasn't child abuse. Then she found her guy, my dad, our red neck. They were married by the time I was 8, and I was adopted around 10. He's an all around good-guy and I love him, but we all have our flaws.

Along with him came my kid-sister, Maddie -short for Madison: member letter E. She can be a sweetie -but a little materialistic. I suppose that would have to do with having a mother who tries and buys her daughter's love. She's the oldest in her other family, too. When she's here she was the youngest. Was. That was until I was 13 and my mom got pregnant with our beautiful baby brother, Jackson Caleb Jay Overson: member letter D. Big name for such a little boy, huh? He was crowned with two names after my father's best friend Caleb committed suicide the same night Jack was born. But, that's my father's story.

There are a lot of tales to be told, but this ones mine.