Our conversations are like love affairs-
Elegant and drawn out, but at the same time
Involved and intensely passionate.
They leave me smiling, laughing, blushing-
Sometimes all at once; I can't help it,
And honestly, I don't even want to.
Each word builds the tension further,
Until the last could make me burst to tears-
To want to hold you, have you, kiss you,
Were you only here…
I might've seen you a day past, or a week,
But the time's no difference in how much
I seem to always want you.
And the expression of your love, affection,
Affirms even more securely my own for you.
And your earnest reassurances that I am
All of the things that you look for and love,
Makes me want to believe that I am-
Am wonderful, exceptional, stunning…
And I begin to wonder if I couldn't get used to
the things that you say to me, your easy
Way of communicating your feelings.
And I hope you know how deeply I want
That you take my own words of adoration
To heart, believe in them like I believe in yours,
Feel the same warmth settling in your stomach
That I get when you say such beautiful things,
The same happiness that you inspire in me.
Because you inspire me.
Quite amazing, how simply…