Chapter 2, Dreamer's Dance cont'd

" Do I look blind to you, mister!?"

" As blind as a fruit bat in a cave!"

" That doesn't make sense!"

" Fruit bats are almost blind creatures."

" I knew that!"

" Apparently you're also as stubborn as a donkey."

" I'm not a donkey!"

" We can argue or continue with our lesson."

" Don't boss me around!"

" I'm your instructor, it's my job."

" You're just doing this for the money- like the previous instructor!"

" I don't need the money."

" You're a messenger, of course you need the money!"

" Money isn't important to me."

" Are you trying to impress me!?"

" Is it working?"

That pretty much stopped me. He's trying to impress me. Hmm… I smiled, " A little."

He sighed, " Then let's get back to our lesson."

Just like that?

" Slow dancing is quite easy, just let the man lead." He started.

" Lead? There's leading in dancing?" I asked.

" Didn't the previous instructor teach you anything?" he said.

" The only thing I understood from him was 'madame', 'rose', and ' mousier'."

" Oh boy." He groaned. " Ok, I put my hands around your waist like this."

He slid his hands around my waist, cupping my hips. I was forced closer to him. Hee-hee…

" You put your hands on my shoulders." He said. And I did as he told me.

" Now take one step back and I'll take one step forward." Green instructed.

I did as he told me to do and he repeated the step until we were twirling around the room. Everything around us faded until it was only him and me. He stopped instructing we just twisted in a swirl, staring at each other. The rhythm grew slower and we were lost in each other's eyes. His eyes were a sky-like blue, I never noticed that before. Is he Italian? It didn't matter, I just don't want this quiet moment to end. For a minute it seemed he was getting closer to me. I remembered that I was a princess and broke our connection.

" Well, I didn't know it would be that easy!" I laughed.

We stopped twirling and let go of each other.

Ha, to think! All I needed was a hot instructor to learn the Waltz!

" Yeah…" murmured Green, " You're a natural."

He seemed quite gloomy. The grandfather clock stuck one.

" Well! Lesson's over!" I smiled.

" Seems like it." He whispered, " I'll see you next week."

That's right! It's Friday. I left the room with a sudden emptiness.

The next day, I went out to the big tree and just laid there, under it, hoping it will engulf me and take me away from this strict life I must follow. It was a wondrous day, the sky was clear, the sun was high in the sky and I daydreamed coolly under the tree's huge shade. After a while, my eyes grew heavier and so I shut them for just a moment. Maybe the love of my life will call for me in my dreams.

" Mineral!" a familiar voice shouted.

I opened one lazy eye and when I saw who it was, I sat up quickly.

I cleared my throat as he approached, " Green, what are you doing here?"

He smiled his captivating smile and nestled next to me, " Looking for you of course."

I wrapped my arms around my legs and rested my head on me knees. "Why?"

" Well," he started, " I wanted to know if you would like to continued our lesson."

" Of course!" I said, " Why wouldn't I?"

" No." he corrected, meeting my eyes, " I meant now."

" Er… but the day is so beautiful." I protested. " And I'm tired."

" Okay," he said, " then why don't I just talk about some moves?"

" Then I will fall asleep." I said.

" So I will make it a story and you can see it in your dreams."

" Then it will be a nightmare."

" Mineral!" he was obviously a bit agitated.

" Green!" I mocked, then smiled. Green sighed.

" Then I will leave you to your… what are you doing anyway?" he asked me.

" Day dreaming."

" Oh, in my country, a creative mind wins the throne."

" Your country?" I asked.

" I mean, the country I am from." He said.

" Wait, isn't that the Dreamer's Kingdom?"

" Yes, how yours is the Kingdom of Dance."

" But Dreamer's Kingdom is such a powerful kingdom."

" And so is Kingdom of Dance."

I laid down on the tree's roots and looked up in to the sky.

" I heard the Dreamer's prince is to die for." I sighed.

" But he is might be more than just looks, Mineral."

" Why do you keep addressing me in my common name?" I asked

" Habit." He added quickly. I resumed our conversation.

" He better be more than looks. He has to be smart, talented, charming, faithful, caring, gentle, oh what am I saying? I'm getting carried away in my dreams again." I blushed.

He smiled and laid next to me, " No. Go on. I like it."

" Um… and polite, but honest. I cannot stand another fake person. Why, he has to have the traits of a commoner and the looks a prince." I said. " But what am I talking about?" I picked myself up and swept my skirts with my hands, " I will never win his heart and I don't plan to."

Green stood up with me, " And why not?"

" I wish he would like me for who I am and intend to be." I said. " If he doesn't like me for who I am, then I will have no one. Even if it hurts my heart."

" You will dream." He whispered.

" That is my sanctuary."

" And dancing is mine." He said.

" Then you take this throne and I will live as a messenger." I said.

" Wouldn't it be perfect if you and the dancing prince were married? Then two of the most powerful kingdoms will be happy. And so will you."

I sighed and hung my head. " What if he's arrogant? After all, he's talented, handsome, and a prince."

Green smiled, " You're talented, beautiful, and a princess and you're not arrogant. All the men across the eight provinces would ask for your hand in marriage. Even the arrogant prince."

I blushed and looked away. He thinks I'm beautiful.

" Then that is too bad." I said.

" Why so?" he asked.

I love you. Well, I wasn't going to say it but I thought it.

" I am in love with someone else." I said.

" Who is this lucky individual?" He was very curious, I could tell.

" Err… someone you will never expect." I said. " Now if you continue this conversation I am afraid I will have to send you back to Dreamer's Kingdom."

I left at that, feeling how my personal hide-out was revealed, I concealed myself in my room.

Then next day flew by quickly and it was the same day my father received a message from the Dreamer's Kingdom.

" It says here that their prince has been missing for the last four days." My father announced.

He also showed us a picture but I didn't pay attention- I had to find Green.

I went to all four corners of the palace and he was no where to be seen. The only place I thought of then was my tree. The night was dark and father would have murdered me if I were to leave this late so I threw on a veil and left the castle.

There, among the stars on that empty hill, Green laid and stared up at the moon.

" You know, I was looking everywhere for you." I said, approaching him.

He sat up ruggedly and with no hesitation. " Is that so?"

" Yes." I answered. " The whole castle is in chaos. The prince from Dreamer's Kingdom has gone missing."

" I know. That is why I left." He said. " I didn't want to be in that big crowd."

" So you came here to daydream?" I asked.

" Escape from reality." He agreed.

I fixed my skirts and sat next to him. " One day, even these stars will be mine."

" When you're queen." He said.

" Then I shall give them to you." I smiled.

He sat in shock. " Why?"

" Because then you will have every dream." I said.

" Are you flirting with me?" He smiled.

" No! Just uh, oh my. I am, aren't I?" I blushed so hard, my ears felt hot.

" No, I liked it." He said. " A princesses trying to win the heart of a commoner."

" Wait! I never said I was in love with you!" I said.

Green stood up and changed the conversation. " I must go home tonight, Mineral."

" Why? Is it because of me? I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." I apologized.

" No, no." He said, offering his hand to me as I took it. " You are the reason I stayed."

" Now who's doing the flirting?" I laughed. He didn't.

In fact, he seemed very serious. His hands wrapped around my waist.

" Will you give me one last dance?" He asked.

Without word, I rested my hands on his shoulders and we started to dance. He was so gentle, so kind, and so honest. I don't care if he's a commoner. I'd give up royalty for him.

After a few minutes, I let go of him and turned my head away so he wouldn't see my tears.

" What's wrong, Mineral?" He asked, a little hurt in his voice.

I looked up at him, my eyes watering. I could hear my father and the nobles calling for me.

" Green, it doesn't matter if you are poor. It doesn't matter if I'm a princess. It never has." I said. " Because I-"

He cut me off- with a kiss. My father gasped and the noble members roared in furor. I didn't care, because I kissed back.

" Mineral, I love you too." He said, once our lips departed.

" I know that!" I laughed, and hugged him close.

Just then my father ripped me away.

" What do you think you are-?" and he paused.

" Father, don't blame Green! I love him and I don't care about the crown!" I protested.

Green grew very quiet, as if he knew what was to happen next.

" That…" my father smiled, " that is wonderful!"

" What?" I asked.

" Mineral, I haven't been completely honest with you." Green said.

" What is he talking about, Father?" I asked.

My father laughed, " He is Prince Nicholas from Dreamer's Kingdom!"

Everyone cheered, all the nobles and citizens. I turned to Green… no, Prince Nicholas.

" So all this time…" I said.

" Mineral, I needed to see if all the rumors were true. If you really were as beautiful and thoughtful as my people said you were. I wanted you to fall in love with who I really am." He said. " I've been in love with you ever since I saw your pretty face sleeping under this tree."

I had nothing else to say. Was I mad? No. Was I shocked? Very.

" So where do we go from here?" I whispered.

Green smiled at me. " We make our dreams a reality."

He took a small black case out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

" Will you marry me, Princess Mineral?" he asked.

Everyone gasped in surprise. They focused their attention on me for my answer.

I smacked the case out of his hands and threw myself on him.

" Of course, you idiot!"

The End