A/N: Well this story was lying around and I decided to post it. An online buddy (I think his name was Craig) beta-read it for me. Story is spilt into 6 parts. Enjoy! Warning: extremely cliché.

Quiet Chase 1

Her brown, almost red eyes were staring at the floor. She was hanging from the ceiling, watching to see if any of the guards would find her again, when her braid fell from her back.

She had very long black hair. It was just hanging in mid air. If she didn't pick it up soon, she would likely get caught. Quickly, she grabbed for it but, as it turned out, it was too late. One of the guards saw her suspended from the ceiling.

She quickly slid down the nearest wall and attacked him before he could wield his weapon. Not that a weapon would have helped him, the guards were pathetic at best. Not wanting to kill him, though, she kicked the guard in the shin, which caused him to fall flat on his face.

"Truly pathetic," she thought to herself as she ran quickly to the door at the other side of the room and walked in. The guard had appeared just as she found the door she was looking for, causing her to hide on the ceiling. Even if he was useless, luck seemed to be on his side.

Once through the door, she saw him. The one she was looking for. He was dressed in black: Black trench coat, black heavy boots, black clothes, and his customary black briefcase. He was always carrying that briefcase, and she wondered what he had in it.

In fact, he dressed just like her; except he was a blonde and she didn't have a briefcase or the heinous trench coat.

She didn't want to show herself, so she climbed on a large box sitting in what must have been some kind of storage room. Higher and higher she climbed. When she reached the ceiling, she noted that there were monkey bars. "Strange," she whispered. But they were too convenient to pass up, so she used them. Jumping from bar to bar like a gymnast, she crossed the room over the suitcase man.

When she reached the other side, she slid down. She had intended to surprise him, but when she reached the bottom, he walked out a door on the other side of the room and simply shut the door in her face. She couldn't tell if he knew she was there or not, but she was greatly angered.

She growled through clenched teeth, "Now how am I supposed to get him, I'm hungry!" Looking around her, she noticed a ventilation hole and climbed through. On the other side of the hole, which must have been at least 20 to 30 feet long, there was a nightclub full of partying humans. But he was no where to be found. He had disappeared, AGAIN!

Quiet Chase 2

She pushed through the undulating humans. The scent of their sweat filled her nostrils. "They smell disgusting," she thought, "and this music is horrendous." The music was in fact so loud that it was almost deafening to her keenly sensitive ears.

While pushing through, she caught a glimpse of her prey. His head was bobbing up and down in the crowd as he maneuvered his way through the grinding mob. He was walking further and further ahead of her.

Luckily for her, he was very tall. That made it easier to track him. She tried to catch up, but couldn't seem to move as quickly as he did. The one thought that went through her head was, "The sooner I suck the life out of him the better."

By the time she reached the exit and looked out the door, she saw him close the door of a limousine. It promptly drove away, pulling her victim out of her reach.

"This isn't going to stop me," she said out loud. It was nighttime so she figured chasing the car wouldn't draw attention to her. She ran after him as fast as she could. Even though the limo was pulling away from her, she didn't give up.

After a short time, they entered the main portion of the city, where all the high buildings are. She could see a red light ahead. There were so many people were walking, that she thought she couldn't make it without drawing attention to herself.

She refused to give up, however, and instead of running, she jumped to a streetlight flung herself through the air toward the stopped limousine. She landed on top of it, her fall made the entire car sink and creek.

She climbed down and opened the door. Looking inside she saw that no one was there. As her anger began to flare, someone pushed her inside the car and locked the door.

It drove off such great speed that was forced to hold on for dear life. Then, just as suddenly as it took off, it came to a stop.

The door opened and he was there, smiling, briefcase still in hand.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out. They seemed to be at the pier, but she was still recovering from the ride and the shock of his surprise, so she wasn't exactly sure where they were.

He pushed her to a wall and pressed his hard body against her. Her head was on his shoulder, but she couldn't do it. His breath was heavy on her neck, making the hair at the small of her back stand on end. She had a burning desire to taste his blood, but something stopped her.

They stayed there, in a gentle embrace for what seemed like an eternity. The longer they stood there, the more it seemed to her that he wanted her to take him—he wanted her to taste his blood. When she finally convinced herself of this, she slowly lifted her head from his shoulder and revealed her fangs.

Just before he was going to bite down on his delicate white neck, however, he stuck a needle in her shoulder, causing her to black out.

When she finally woke up, the sun was just beginning to rise over the ocean in front of her. She was on the beach at the pier. Although she new it was pointless, she stood up quickly to see if she could find him. He was, as she suspected, nowhere to be found.

He had disappeared, AGAIN!

Quiet Chase 3

After hiding from the sun in an abandoned building by the beach, she arose early the next night and continued her search. She walked all the way back to the city from the sea. Though not tired, she became more and more distracted.

She was so distracted that she started bumping into people every now and then. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that she was walking very fast and often knocked the people she bumped to the floor.

She didn't care though, because all she could think about was the man. She wanted, no needed, to know where he had gone. She had become so caught up her thoughts that she slammed head on into someone.

It was a man. A very handsome man.

Staring into his green-gray eyes, she found that her breath was caught in her throat. She couldn't help herself, she wanted to take him. She wanted to dip her teeth into his ripe neck, to taste his subtle pleasures. But it was forbidden. She was not allowed to feed. They would know if she fed on someone or something.

This desire always brought back the memory of that day.

"How could you," roared a man dressed as a king "You know it's forbidden to fall in love with a human!"

She was on the floor her face wet with tears and her hand on her cheek. Her cheek was starting to turn red.

"Don't you know the rules? I said it loud and clear while teaching you: NO FALLING IN LOVE WITH HUMANS! And you know the consequences; I've explained the consequences.

"You must search for that man and suck the life out of him. You must extinguish your love by killing him. Not only that, but you are not to feed on anything until he is dead!

"If you fail, you will be crucified," he said in a whisper. "I have no choice, these are the rules and we must all live by them."

She knew her father was right, but she wasn't sure she could survive in the outside world. She hadn't been out for years; her father had always protected her. She knew that he wanted what was best for her, but that he had to uphold the laws.

In her room, she was overcome by a strange feeling. She got some of her things together, dressed in black, and set out to find the man she had dared to love and kill him!

But in the depths of her mind she asked, "Can I do it?"

That scene took place four days ago. She still felt strong, driven by the strange feeling; the feeling that kept her moving, the feeling that she would somehow succeed. But what she would get from this quest was uncertain. Perhaps nothing but her own death, perhaps redemption. She did not know.

So she walked passed the man, not even apologizing. She kept walking, searching the streets, and looking for her prey. Suddenly, she stumbled as a haze of dizziness floated over her. The hunger was starting to get to her no matter strong her resolve.

She was young and used to feeding regularly. Having not fed for four days, it was only her resolve that kept her upright. That kept her walking.

She thought, "I've got to keep strong." But the hunger overcame her and she passed out.

When she woke up, she had a delicious taste in her mouth. It tasted just like BLOOD!

Her eyes shot open and she saw a cup held to her eager mouth. At first she looked into the cup, which was now empty. A shock wave went through her mind; she had finished a cup of blood! "What if they come after me?" She thought

Only after the cup was removed from her lips did she look to see who had saved her. She lifted her eyes to stare into two beautiful icy blue pools. She knew exactly who it was. It was him! He had saved her.

A chill ran down her spine, as if she had actually waded into the cool blue pools of water. She could feel the blood flow through her body, and, mixed with the sensation of being in his power, her skin flushed.

She knew she had to kill him, but as before, she didn't know if she could go through with it.

While she thought, he got up and left. His exit caused her to snap back to the reality of the situation and she got up right away to follow him. She ran as fast as she could, but the house was like a maze. It was huge and full doors. It seemed as though there were hundreds of them.

"So," she said out loud, "here we go again. You have disappeared. AGAIN!"

Quiet Chase 4

She entered another door but this time it was a room and in the middle was an ugly skinny man hanging from the ceiling by a rope. In fact, he looked like a creature. He was, obviously, dead.

Disgusted, she walked backward from this dangling body. She wasn't looking where she was going and eventually, she walked into a door. It opened by itself.

Looking behind her into the room she saw that it was like a laboratory. Her turned her body and let her eyes roam across the room. When she looked up, she saw a balcony. He was standing there, briefcase in hand, smirking.

She quickly regained her composure and started to look for a way to get up there. Then he spoke.

"You know, you look more beautiful then before."

She glared at him. Despite a severe dislike of compliments, she wasn't sure if he was serious or if he was just mocking her.

"The blood I fed you was in fact my own blood. So don't have to worry, they won't come to get you." After he said this, he turned and walked into a doorway behind him that had an odd orange glow emanating from it.

She was so caught up with trying to find a way up to him that she didn't notice him step into the doorway.

Deciding that there was no easy way up, she ran to a wall near the balcony and jumped from wall to wall with all her strength. After three thrusts, she made it to the balcony. Finding him gone, once again, she immediately walked into the orange light.

Upon entering, she fell feet first onto a moving beam. There was another beam coming towards her that was higher than the one she was on. She jumped on that one.

She jumped from beam to beam, until she had almost reached the top of the room. About two beams before the ceiling, another beam in the back hit her. She fell to the floor.

At that point, she started to cry. She was lying on a beam that didn't move and her desire to keep going had withered away. She started to sob.

"I don't want to do this any more, I give up. I want to die," she thought.

She curled up into a ball. Her vision blurred from the tears, saw a dark figure just a little way away from her. He walked over to her and picked her up. Then he carried her in his arms and walked to another room.

She woke up facing a window through which she could see the sun rising. Looking out the window, it seemed as though she were in a mansion (more like a maze) was build on a large hill in the middle of a forest.

Slowly she sat up and scanned the room. She was on a red, king-size four-post bed and someone had changed her cloths. She now was wearing a navy-blue flowing dress.

She got off the bed, put on a paid of slippers that had been left next to the bed for her and walked to the only door in the room. Opening it led to a stairway.

She went down the stairs and found him waiting for her. He was at the end of a long table in the middle of the room, with a glass in his hand. He smiled at her, got up and walked through another doorway.

The fire of life back, she moved as fast as she could to catch him, but there was one problem.

He had disappeared, AGAIN!

Quiet Chase 5

After searching around in the front garden for a while, she began to notice how uncomfortable it is to run around in slippers for long periods of time. She decided it would be better to walk barefoot. Instead of just taking off the slippers, though, she started to hop around on her left foot to take off her right slipper and vice versa. After this somewhat ludicrous scene, she threw them as far as she could, while growling loudly.

After watching the slippers fall in the distance, she started to stomp in circles, growling with each footfall. Then she started kicking at invisible things. If someone had seen her they would have thought she had gone mad, but, in fact, she was simply frustrated and angry.

"How in all seven hells am I going to find one single person in what must be the largest garden in the world?" she asked herself. Feeling a little crazed, but not crazy enough to not lose her mind, she knew she had to calm down.

"Okay, now, lets see," she said out loud. "I checked the left and I checked the right. I checked next to the fountain and behind each bush. And the front gate. OH GOD he probably left through the stupid GATE!" She started screaming and yelling expletives at the top of her lungs until something wet fell on her head.

Slowly she lifted her hand to touch the evil substance that disrupted her 'lovely' outburst. After touching the gross goop, she brought her hand to eye level and grimaced. It was bird shit.

Slowly she looked up at the tree branch above her head and saw the treacherous bird that dared disturb her self-soothing riot. Once again it dumped its waste on her. This time on her face.

This was too much for her, and, like a wild animal, she climbed the tree to get kill the horrid monster. The little black bird tilted its head to the side and watched her. As she scrambled up the tree, she felt as though the bird was laughing at her.

She started to crawl to the bird, and, when she got close enough, she stretched her arm to grab for him. When she wrapped her hand around the bird, though, she quickly pulled her hand back in pain. "Why does the stupid thing feel like fire?" she thought.

Trying to move back a little, she lost her balance and fell off the tree. But a hand caught hers and held her in mid air for a moment. She looked up and saw that it was him. When he saw that she knew it was him, he let go of her hand and she fell to the ground on her bottom.

He jumped down to the ground with grace as she glared at him. If looks could kill he would have been ash in his grave. He did was smirked as he offered her his hand. She accepted it and he pulled her upright. But he didn't stop there; he pulled until they were in an embrace. She tried as hard as she could to push him away, but he was like a stone implanted in the ground. So she gave into him.

After she had given in, he pulled away slightly to look down at her. They stared at each other in silence until he said, "I've missed you so much." His words were so low that she could hardly make out what he said.

Slowly he moved his face closer to hers as if to kiss her, but she never felt his lips on hers because he was gone. She was standing alone in the garden.

He had disappeared, again.

Quiet Chase 6

Before leaving the mansion, she found her clothing, wore them and set out to find her prey. After walking down the road, which leads away from the mansion, she finally reached the end of it. Unfortunately, it was a dead end. All that was there was a large wall, which you couldn't see the top and trees on either side of the long road.

Now frustrated, because she didn't know where to go, she started to do her little ritual of stomping and growling with each footfall. After spending a good fifteen minutes with it, she got tired and just sat on the ground, crossed-legged and put her face in her hands.

Then she heard it. That annoying bird that dared to shit on her head a while ago. Looking up to see it, she saw it on a tree, with that mocking look on its face. Slowly as a lion would stalk its prey, she crawled until she was under the tree. She then climbed up the tree slowly. Once on the branch, she got ready to pounce it. That's when she remembered how the bird felt like fire once she touched it. Then she plotted a plan as to how she'll kill it.

She was so much into her thoughts that she didn't know it flew away. The bird flapping of its wings is what got her out of her concentration and on the move. She chased him deep into the forest. Unfortunately, she tripped over a branch and fell to the ground face down.

She looked up quickly to find that the bird had gotten away. Sighing, she got up and walked deeper into the forest, until she saw another road, with a small house across it. To her the house looked very familiar. So she walked up to it.

She knocked on the door and the door opened by itself with a creaking sound. Being alert, she walked into the house, taking in her surroundings. She knew this place. She walked up the steps and into the familiar room. This was the room where they first made love to each other. It was her first time too. And it was the last time, because the next day her father found out and sent her off to kill the man she dared to love.

She crawled into the plain white bed, and smelled it. It smelled just like him, the smell of burning wood. How she loved his smell. She looked around the room and remembered each spot he was in. She loved this room. It had faded blue walls, a small dresser and the plain white bed she laid on. Simple and plain, just the way he loved things. But she always loved unique and exotic things. But because this was the way he liked it, she loved it, for him, because she loved him.

Suddenly her heart and stomach started to hurt. Just knowing the fact that she had to kill him to live just hurt her to the very core. That's when she noticed how selfish she was being. So she just stayed there, lying on the bed, hugging his favorite pillow, thinking why she is so selfish. So she gave up then and there. She couldn't betray him, just because she wanted to live.

'What was the use in living then? When he won't be there?'

Deciding it was the best chose. She loved him, so she'll die for him. She'll give up anything in the world for him, even if it meant giving up her life and suffer for him. So she cried herself to sleep, waiting until death will take her. Waiting to die for him.

She woke up the next night, to see that there was some light that entered the room. It was coming from the hallway. Curiously, she walked to the door and peeked out of it. She heard someone yelling. It sounded just like… 'Father!' Quickly she ran down the stairs to see why he was there.

And there she saw, the guards behind her father. Her father flushed from yelling. And he was yelling at him. There he was briefcase in hand and as usual, smirking. His blonde hair shown brightly from the light and she could see his laughing blue eyes, just mocking her father.

Then everyone noticed her. Her father looking at her, the look on his face shown that he was happy to see her. But then there was him. Looking at her in a way she never seen him look at her before. He had a look of regret. That caused her heart to ache. 'Does he regret being with me?'

She didn't know what to do. Her emotions were going wild and she felt like she wanted to just dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in it. She never felt so horrible in her life. 'He doesn't love me, it shows.' Nothing could make her feel better now. Her heart was completely broken. Her eyes started to blur so she couldn't see anything. She held tighter to the pillow, she brought down with her. She brought for comfort, because she knew he loved it. But now she only held in a death grip to keep herself from braking down in front of them. It was in his eyes that showed that he regretted being with her.

"Why did you come in and ruin my family and ruin my daughter's life, my only daughter!" her father yelled with all his might.

"She simply ruined it herself. It's not my fault she was so infatuated with me." He answered. This caused her father to get angrier and her to feel more crest-fallen.

"Guards! Get him now!" he roared. And they were going at him, with their weapons. In a blink of an eye, he was behind her and put a knife to her throat.

"Come any closer and your precious girl will not live the day to ever love again."

Like I could love anyone else…

She was still clutching at the pillow. And her father started to yell at her to fight him back. But she couldn't. The only thing she did was start to cry and hug the pillow tighter. And after not speaking through this whole time, she said, "Please… kill me." And she closed her eyes. Waiting for the blade to cut through her neck.

But it didn't. All she heard was he laughing and saying "Look how pitiful your so called strong daughter is now. Are you sure she is the princess of your kingdom?" this caused the king's blood to boil. 'How dare he?'

She knew something wrong would happen if she fell in love. She didn't believe in love until he came. She could still remember how they met. He was just another handsome man she passed by in the street. Another life to take, she thought. She talked to him, they flirted with each other and she brought him some where, where no one could hear him if he screamed. But what he said was what caused her to back up.

"I know what you are." He whispered in her ear. "And I'm not afraid of you." she looked into his eyes and couldn't help but get lost into them. But now she regretted that day. She regretted that she was even born. She was a mistake anyway. Her father had an affair with this woman, she got pregnant, and the queen found out and killed herself, from a heartbreak. And that's how she was born. A mistake. Her life was nothing but a mistake.

Then he whispered something that made her feel like she was on air.

"Don't you ever think I was just using you? I love you and no one can change that." Plain, simple and straight to the point. Just the way she knew him. 'So why is he doing this?'

"Now that she knows how miserable her life is you'll think she'll want to live anymore?" he asked.

"No one is stronger then my daughter! No one! She's lived through worst times before, so I know she won't give up now!"

He put away his knife, turned her around and held her and said, "If you want her, come and get her."

The guards came after him as fast as they could, but that's when flame flew around the two and blown the guards away. The flame then disappeared. The king was stunned beyond reason. 'A human can't do that! That means he's not!'

"Do you even know my name, your majesty?" That's when she looked up at him to see what he was talking about. Not waiting for an answer he said, "I'm Lucifer."

Then Lucifer and the king's daughter disappeared from sight.

"The devil! This can't be my daughter is with the devil!"

They came back to the mansion. He was carrying her and he sat her down on the bed. And he smiled at her tear stained face.

"Don't cry, Helen. You'll see your father again." He said wiping her tears with his thumbs.

"So you really do love me?" she asked.

"Yes I do. Even more then torturing people." He said laughing. All she did was smile and it was her first smile in years. She never smiled in her life. And now she just turned 18 not so long ago. 'He's over thousands of years old and I'm only 18. Ha!'

And he kissed her, a long and passionate kiss. Something she longed for, for days and now she finally got it.

He broke the kiss and walked over to the mysterious briefcase. What was inside she never knew, but know she was about to find out. He brought a chair, put it in front of her and sat on it. He put the briefcase on his lap and opened it. He then turned it towards her.

In it was a letter. She lifted it up and read it. It read:

Dear Helen,

This is strange of me to write a heart-felt letter. I'm used to writing blackmails and such.

I know I promised I never leave you without your acknowledgement, but as you know I always break promises. But you also know that I will always come back to you. It will always be a day or two, nothing more. Sometimes I come as myself and sometimes I come as that little annoying crow that shitted on your head. I come as that crow to show you, that I will be there but I have to be away for a while. And as you know there is always a purpose behind everything I do. So please, keep together and don't give up on me. Because I love you and nothing could change that.

Your love,


She couldn't help but feel so happy to have him back and know that they can't be set apart. He's her first love and he sure would be her last.

And that's when she looked up to see,

That he had disappeared, again.

A/N: I wrote this story back when I was 16(you wonder why it's so cliché.) Now I'm 19. Hope you enjoyed it. R&R.