Contradictions for the Greater Good

Why do all the happy people,

Take pills to keep us unawares?

Psychiatrists taking over the world,

Good old friends forgotten.


The sun is shining bright,

And your bills keep rising high,

Experts keep claiming global warming,

The ice caps are melting, go for a swim.


He needs something to go right,

You need to be right,

Forget your past, and swim to the future,

Don't forget your past, pull it with you.


Be right, try your hardest,

In the end, you will be tired,

So tired you'll want it to end,

In the end, he'll hold you tight.

(Fifty-percent of first marriages end in divorce.)


Forget the statistics, they're not you,

Forget society, it's not you,

Take control, take control,

Keep control, you will be you.