Love before Death

She's a mystery

To all but me

Why do I feel

I know her needs

This feeling of trapped

Nowhere to go

My brain is whizzing

My feet too slow

We run, we hide

Like a game, they seek

But what they seek

Is deep inside of me

How does she think

Does she like me

I won't tell them

A deadly deed

They hit and slash

I scream in pain

They want the answer

I'm in disarray

I try to scream

Once more

But my voice I gone

The pain is stunning

My mind almost lost

I feebly think

What can I do

I'm dying now

Cause I loved you

But then she appeared

Face full of tears

She tells me all

And holds me near

I'm almost gone

But I cling to life

If they want me to go

I'll go with a fight

We talk in low voices

Too much prevail

She talks of us

Together in happiness

But I lay and ponder

How long will it take

For you to come

To my death, sides wake

She said very soon

We kissed our last kiss

In her arms I died

And was embraced by death