I sat in the dark study listening to the man who had invaded my apartment talk on my phone. I didn't like what I was hearing, even if it was only one half of the conversation. That didn't mean that it was any less weird or terrifying. What were they talking about? I knew I was missing something, I just couldn't figure out what! All I knew was that, whatever it was, it was bad. I defiantly heard the word killing somewhere and that terrified me. Who was doing the killing and who was getting killed? Personally, I didn't want to be in either category.

Then I heard the man moving around in my kitchen. What did he want in there? I struggled against the duct tape trying to break it or loosen it. Something. Anything! I didn't want to be here anymore. I wanted to be free. I was growing increasingly more terrified that I was soon going to die. The door opened abruptly and I saw the man again. He was smiling. He was also holding my butcher knife. Forgive me if I don't say I was in the calmest of states.

"Don't worry darling…this isn't for you just yet." He promised. That didn't assure me any. That meant with a degree of almost absolute certainty that it would be used on me at some point in the future. "You know, it's very interesting having a hostage. I've never tried it before. I've robbed. I've stolen cars. I've attacked people. I've even killed people. But holding them hostage…now this is a new thrill."

The only question running through my head was how long this thrill would sustain him before it led to me getting killed.

"I'm also glad to find a girl who doesn't watch the news," he said smiling. Why would that make him happy? Then it hit me. My eyes flew open wide and slammed myself against the back of my chair trying to get as far away from that man as possible. "My reputation proceeds me then. And just what is your name?" He asked moving over to my desk. He was far too close for my liking. But then again, who wants to be near a mass murderer like Marion Thorne. He picked up a letter that I had gotten from my aunt. "I'm assuming that you're Leigh Parsons." He turned to me and smiled. "I like your name Leigh. Oh do you want to say something?" He asked. "Too bad," he laughed. "I personally enjoy this one-sided conversation."

I glared at him the best I could. Unfortunately, when you're duct taped to a chair in your own house, a glare doesn't care much weight. Go figure. Thorne just laughed at me. "That's a nice glare Leigh. I haven't seen many that nice. You've defiantly got the potential for an excellent evil eye. It'll be nostalgic to watch the life fade from your eyes."

That did it! The fear came crashing back down on me with its full crushing weight. I felt helpless. Wait a second! I was helpless. I was going to die at the hands of a madman in my own home and no one was going to come for me. Thorne smiled. "Don't look so worried Leigh. I told you, you won't die yet. It's some else's turn tonight." That's what he had been talking about on the phone. Someone was bringing someone to my apartment so that Thorne could kill them. I felt sick to my stomach. My life had just been completely turned upside down and there was no way to avoid it.

Marion Thorne left Leigh with the horrified look on her face and took a seat on the couch. He really wanted to kill someone. He really wanted to take Leigh. He couldn't though. He had other things to do first. But he couldn't wait until it was Leigh's turn. She intrigued him. He wanted to see how she bled. He wanted to see if she would scream as he killed her. He wanted to watch the life fade from her intoxicating dark green eyes. That would have to wait though. He had other matters to attend to. Like the girl that Seth was bringing for him soon. He sat down on the couch and stared at the blank television screen waiting for Seth to arrive.

An eternity came and went before Marion heard Seth approaching with someone. Their voices were light and carefree. Seth had always been a good actor. Marion went over and stood behind the door making sure that it was unlocked so that Seth could easily enter. The door opened. First came Seth, acting the blithering idiot and drunk. Sometimes it wasn't much of an act either. Next came the girl. She was beautiful. Her hair was almost the exact same shade as Leigh's.

"I haven't ever done anything like this before," the girl confessed shyly. She was so innocent. Then again, it could be an act. He hadn't killed an actress before. Tonight was defiantly turning out to be a very interesting night.

Marion slammed the door closed as soon as the brunette was all the way inside the apartment. She jumped and turned probably expecting to see no one. "Oh…I didn't know-"

"You don't need to speak darling," Marion assured her smiling. "Just leave everything to me."

"I'm Liz," She spoke anyway. Marion smiled. Maybe she really was innocent. All the better then.

"Hello Liz, my name's Marion Thorne." His name registered in her mind instantly. She opened her mouth to scream, but Marion's hand was there first, clasped over it. Her warm breathe tingling his hand. "Now, now my dear," he said wrapping his other arm around her waist and pulling her close to him. "We wouldn't want to wake up the neighbors now would we."