A/N: Okay. At school we are studying the Holocaust in English 9 and Modern European, Asian, and African History. I also have a paper due soon on this very subject, so it inspired me to write this. My first piece based off historical events, so go easy on the flames.

The old woman,

She hums her tune.

A tune of darkness.

She knows little,

But she knows enough.

She's headed to Auschwitz.

The smell amidst,

The scent of death,

It's almost her time.

She hums softly,

For her husband before

And her daughter behind.

The screams deafen.

All waiting are silent,

All but the woman.

Her lasts moments,

She spends them wisely,

Humming in the line.

A man approaches.

He looks so distant,

Yet he's a Nazi.

The line thins.

The people step forward.

So does the woman.

It is time.