Covertly Succumbed

From the wicked queen and her apples plight

My godly self slumbers into the night

Succumbed by my demons during the day

The devils raising hell today

I sit alone, stuck in the dark

As my spirit falls like a sick lark

I wonder what will be done today

As it all seems darker every passing day

The devils reminiscence is converting all minds

Creating liars and cheaters, and drunk-inducing wine

Red roses red roses

I call for bliss

I cry to Jesus

To give a heavenly kiss

But my prayers

Aren't lifted up

My believing spirit shan't fill one cup

So I succumb to my darker mind

As I feel I've died a seventh time

My essence of mentality

Is slowly falling away

If I keep on going at this

I surly won't stay sane

I sit alone

In the pitch black

As my mind

Crumbles to ash

Armageddon has come at last

And I am a soul of which all are lost