All becauseā€¦.

I'm cornered, I'm trapped

No place to run.

The enemy is closing in

My senses all scream RUN!

But hide and wait

Let them come and see

If they ever want

To come and find me

I'm battered up

Locked within

The key is lost

Gone in my sins

Lost within the memories

All the pain it cost

All of it so stunning

My self-respect lost

All because of one person,

Congratulations to you

You've tore me from the inside out

I have nothing left for you

My grip on life is gone plummeting down

Will anyone break my fall?

So my eyes were closed

I prayed to the lord

I asked him just once

To save a broken soul

I slow down to a drifting

I'm not falling anymore

Now I have control

I kneel and thanked the lord

Like job, he came through in the end

He never left a man behind

Never left one without a chance

I thank him for mine

All because of one person

I praise his name I do

He showed me what life is really like

When gods inside

Of me and you