Stranded in oceans

Swimming in my mishaps

Drowning in my sins

I'm floating for my savior

To save me from within

The waves are crashing down

Now it's up to me

I have to decide here and now

It's either swim or sink

I'm treading on water

Barely holding on

My body envies ground

A solid rock for help

Now I'm floating

Weary and alone

My mind is doing the math now

Two answers come in sync

One says "your bad

The one in a bunch

Sink down below

End all the pain"

Another screams "rage is fuel

Focus on those

Who have hurt you"

I scream to both no

But my voice is weak

I'm stuck in a ocean and

My life is a stream

A light is flashing

Blossoms within

I hear a chorus

Of angels and hymns

I prayed to the one

Who most forget

The holy host

The sinless man

He ascends the water

Walking to me

I see him smile

I feel so serene

With the help

Of the one up above

Anything's possible

You'll fly like a dove