Why douse he sit in heaven

On his holy throne

Watching as we all struggle

Feeling so helpless and alone

Through trials and temptations

We fight for sanity

As you watch from above

I crumble piece by piece

Why don't you send us help

Some of your everlasting love

Or a sign your watching

A flawlessly perfect dove

I sit with these doubts

And ponder in the dark

When suddenly a light

Fill's my thoughts

Don't doubt, my son

I'm never too far

I catch the fallen

And tend to my flock

When one runs away

I give chase as well

To bring you back

And let you hope ring the bells

As a father

I learn many things

One is that even my love

Can stop the run

Also, I have to

Step aside

Let you learn your wrong doing's

And rejoice in the good

Just remember my son

I will always stay near

But you must learn to walk

In faith with no fear