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Our mouths are glued together, moving against each other, turning us on every second. His right hand travels under my shirt and up my bare back, his hand cold against the warmth of my skin. I shiver and push deeper into the kiss. My fingers are wrapped urgently in his hair, pulling gently but grasping fiercely. His other hand is playing with the button on my jeans as our tongues dance together, as we taste one another.

Edmund and I are making out on his navy colored sheets, on his bed in the late afternoon. School has been out for a while now and the memory of the encounter with Gabe, his friend, is quickly slipping away as we get hot and very, very horny.

He successfully unbuttons my jeans and begins fiddling with my zipper. We break our kiss to come up for air; we pant and stare at each other intensely. He smiles sweetly at me and kisses my exposed neck; he makes a trail all the way up to the back of my ear. I close my eyes and just feel him, his whole body, against me. His hand at my zipper has finally pulled it down and his hand cups my slowly rising erection.

I gasp and involuntarily buck into his hand after he rubs me is a very sexually pleasing way. He starts sucking my ear lobe and all I can do is try to not moan so loud. It comes out pretty loud anyways. He keeps rubbing me that same way and I become harder and harder. I regain some focus when he stops sucking on my ear lobe but still rubbing me through my black boxers.

I don't think I'm ready, maybe I'm ready, I really don't know if I'm ready. Ready, I don't know, but certainly willing at this point. He's got me in the palm of his hand, seriously.

His fingers play at the waistband of my boxers and start to slowly pull them down. My milky white skin is slowly revealed along with the sparse 'treasure trail' that starts from my bellybutton. He's kissing me again, at the tip of my ear, the side of my cheek, the top of my nose. I can feel my boxers quickly slipping to expose me even more.

"Edmund, I-" I start to say but he cuts me off.

"It's okay Avery, I know." He whispers into my ear and kisses me reassuringly on the lips. I lean my head up and push into the kiss even more, trying to taste him, feel him. He manages to pull my boxers off and they bunch near my calves. I look at him slightly worried and quizzically. He smiles reassuringly at me and I carefully kick off my boxers over the edge of the bed.

I have no pants or boxers, my shirt is askew. Edmund still has his pants on but he's taken off his shirt during some point and it's nowhere to be seen. I turn more into the bed and push into him to cover my self, I flush a little pink, slightly embarrassed and feeling exposed.

He kisses my eyebrow and runs his hands down my side, over my ribs, and to my thighs. He starts stroking my length and I breathe hard. He's staring right at me, into my eyes. I can't look away so I stare back. I'm a tiny bit scared, somewhat unsure, and very heated.

He grasps me suddenly and jerks up and down. I gasp, wide eyed.

"Edmund?" I ask, unsure where this is all going.

"It's alright. I just want to make you feel good, is that okay?" he says quietly, slowing his jerking motions of his hand.

I give a tiny nod and look down at his hands, grasping me. I blush and lean my forehead against his chest. I've never done anything sexual with anyone before and I wonder if he has. I want to ask but I know it'd ruin the mood and I really don't want to do that. First, because I've done it before, bumping his head in the school showers, second, bringing up past relationships is not a good thing when you're in the mist of something like this with your boyfriend, and third…I don't really have a third. Why does there have to be three anyways?

He jerks my erection in his hand slowly, agonizingly slowly. I try to suppress the whine in the back of my throat but it comes out anyway. As soon as the whine came, his mischievous grin appears. I don't know what to expect, his mischievous grins always came with something. He kisses me passionately for a while and then kisses a trail down my chest to my bellybutton.

I look down and realize that he's going to blow me.

I start squirming for some reason and he goes to hold my hips firmly down. He hovers over my throbbing member, I can feel his breathe on me, and it tickles. I let out a small giggle, he looks up and smiles at me. His genuine, radiant smile he usually has. He kisses my length and I squirm a little.

He licks my tip and I gasp. He puts me in his mouth, slowing me all the way in, past his gag reflex. I try really hard not to buck my hips; I really don't want to choke him. I rather not be in the situation where I have to explain what he choked on and why….

He starts sucking, his head bobbing up and down. I moan and grasp the sheets in my sweaty hands. He tortures me for eons, pulling out and licking me in various areas. When he finally sticks to a rhythm, I eventually explode, screaming. I'm covered in sweat and a little bit of the white fluid; Edmund swallowed most of it…

When he crawls back up to me, his face tells me he doesn't exactly enjoy the taste but tolerates it none the less. He smiles and kisses me softly on the lip. I smile and lean on his chest and close my eyes.

I think I like getting blowjobs.

We lay there for a while and it slowly dawns on me. …Do I have to blow him? Shit. I've never done it before…it's wouldn't be any good anyways…but what if he wants me too?!

"Edmund?" I ask quietly.

"Hmmm?" he replies.

"Um, do y-you, um, want…me to…" I stop because I'm blushing madly by now and I don't know what to think.

He opens his eyes and looks down at me, searching my face. I really like his eyes; they're so pretty and green…not just an ordinary green, an extraordinary green. He smiles and kisses my forehead. Then, he slithers down so he can bury his head in the crook of my neck.

I'll take that as a no? Thank god.

I look down and all I see is his mess of brown hair on my milky white torso, his arm is across my chest, and his leg is flung over mines. He's got me wrapped up in him.

I'll return the favor one day, when I'm ready. I blush at the thought.

We nap for some time.

The encounter with Gabe in the school showers went something like this:

The laughter fades.

"Er, Gabe, this is Avery." Edmund said, pointing to me.

I waved meekly at him. He gave me a half, sort of forced, smile.

"Um, hi." He said.

Silence, very awkward silence came after he speaks.

"I'm going to go." Gabe said. He gave Edmund this strange look I couldn't decipher.

He then looked at me briefly and turned and walked out of the locker rooms.

Edmund and I looked at each, not sure what to think. Edmund just shrugged and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the locker rooms. When we made it out, the bell rung and we went to our next class.

I'm dreaming about dancing piñatas when my phone rings. My dream becomes stranger; the piñatas are dancing to the super Mario theme song! My ring tone is the same song!

An elbow nudges me and I open my eyes. Oh.

I fumble over the bed and search for my phone on the floor. I find it under Edmund's shirt. So that's where it went! My screen tells me it's Amelie.

"Hi Amelie." I say as I connect the call.

"Hey Avery, can I sleep at your house tonight?" she asks, not in her usual chipper tone. Not a good sign.

"Sure but did something happen?" I ask worried. I can feel Edmund moving around next to me.

"My dad's out on a business trip and my mother is unbearable right now." She informs me.

"Okay, well, I'm not home right now." I say as I feel Edmund lean his head on my upper back, near my shoulder.

"That's fine, can I just go over there now?" she asks, I can hear a slight plead in her voice.

"Yeah, sure! My mom won't mind, she loves you. I'll try to be home soon." I say as Edmund starts kissing the back of my neck.

"No, no, it's okay! Do whatever you need, I'm just going to go crash in your room, okay?" she says, somewhat anxious.

"Yeah, yeah, that's fine." I reply as Edmund wraps his arms around my waist.

"Thanks! See you later!" Amelie says, forcing her voice to portray her usual chipper-ness.

"Bye." I say as she hangs up on me.

I place my phone on Edmund's night stand and he pulls me down onto the bed again, giving me feather kisses everywhere.

"What's up?" he asks.

"Amelie is sleeping over." I say simply.

He stops kissing me and props up on one elbow, looking down at me.

"Is something wrong?" he asks, concern crossing his face.

I think it's sweet that he's concerned for Amelie even though he doesn't really know her. I think I better find a flaw soon or things are going to be too perfect about him…

"Nothing big." I say, not wanting to share Amelie's details because it is her life.

"Okay." He says, letting it go.

We lay there for a little bit more until Edmund decides that he should take me home. We look around for our clothes and put them on. As we're walking down the grand staircase, the front door opens. We freeze for a moment and then we're staring at what appears to be his parents and little brother and sister.

"Hi." Edmund says. Everyone greets us back with various hellos and heys.

"Who is your friend James?" his mother asks.

"Um, everybody, this is Avery, my friend from school." Edmund says and I wave meekly at them.

They smile politely and then his father walks the little kids to another room but his mother stays.

"I'm going to drive Avery home, okay mom?" Edmund asks as he descends the stairs towards the bottom. I follow suit.

"Alright, be careful okay honey?" his mother asks as he reaches her and she brushes back his hair.

"Okay." He says and starts out the door after kissing his mother on the cheek.

"It was nice meeting you Avery." She says to me.

"You too." I say softly and quickly follow Edmund out to his car.

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