The Women's Pain

Stolen women,

Beaten with rocks,

Before I knew it,

They were at the docks.

As I sat there,

And they passed me by,

All I could do,

Was sit and cry.

They boarded the ship,

With tears in their eyes,

As they trudged along slowly,

They all believed the lies.

The truth of their pain,

So bluntly told,

By the breast on their bodies,

No future they hold.

The ship pulled out of view,

The women long gone,

But their pain still present,

They will suffer 'till dawn.

The men will have won,

But they well never see,

The women for who they are,

Or what they can be.

The first stanza I wrote in my sleep, no joke, so I decided to see where it would go. Let me here what you think.