Dear Ma-

Im sorry it took me so long to get around to writing you. I gess I got a litle side traked since I got across the big blue, yiknow? I think youd like Europe- as much for the trip over as the cuntinunt itself, Ma. Being out on the oshin with nothin but waves and birds as far as the eye can see dos a person good. I think yore cold wood go away. Maybe after all this is over. Mister Major General ses it will be soon.

Right now were diggin in a new trench. I havent reelly kept trak of where we are- some-someware or other in France, that I know. But then, were always in France, and one trench looks like all the others. Smells like em all to. Ma, its discustin- we cant get out of these pits to give any of the ded boys a proper bariul, so they jes end up gettin piled round the sides to keep the dirt from slidin bak in on us. Like smelly sandbags. I cant hardly stand it any longer. I cant wate to get back home, to a cleen bed, cleen sheets, cleen everything. No more dirt. By the way, thank you for makin sure I brawt extra soks- it comes in handy here. Sinse it ranes a lot, we end up standin in watter up to are ankles for owrs at a time. Some of the boys here- there feet- well... Its prity ugly.

Its dificult to grasp that the only reeson Im out here in this hell hole, with shells explodin overhed constantly, is becase somebody sed that somebody else sed for somebody else to come give America a shiner if we joined the war. Okay, so thats not fair. It is a litle more complicated than that, but you know that, rite Ma? Well, jes in case you havent bin keepin up with the news: the Germans deklared un-restricted submarine warfair and sank a cruz liner with a ton of Americans and Brits on it. So the bigwigs got huffy and stuffy and wen Brittin intersepted the teligraf from Germany to Mexico, instructin Mexico to declare war on us if we joined the Grate War, I supose it was the last straw. We had to take up arms aginst the Germans, those filthy pigs...

Well Ma, its bin a long day, so Ill end my letir here. Ill have plenty to tell you next time, I promis.