Daniel "Danny" Knoll quietly went insane that day when he "went over the top." He was always good-natured and kind-hearted, and definitely a coward to boot. He could not stand the thought of killing another person, nor did he want to be killed. He was found curled into the fetal position, silent and shaking.

Danny never spoke another word.

The letters he had been writing reached no one. When he enlisted in the army, all of his paperwork was immediately lost. Danny was pronounced legally dead shortly after he left the United States of America, unbeknownst to him. This prompted a certificate of death and a notification to his dear Ma. Dear old Ma, a widow whose husband had passed away many years before, was shaken with grief at having lost the last meaningful person in her life and committed suicide, never even receiving the first letter.

When Danny returned the United States, he faced a serious problem. Because he was "dead" his health benefits no longer applied. Fortunately for Danny, he really was a loony, and he didn't care. He moved to San Francisco. A nun mistook his silence for piety and fell head over heels in love with him... He didn't notice. However, his progeny thrive in San Fran today. We know them only as the mysterious "Bush Man." (Yes, there are more than one.)

These highly historically accurate and true letters were left in their original draft for a more "true" reading.