Forever Changed

Did you ever meet anyone and know that they would be the one person to change your life forever? I did. His name was James Parkton III (he added the III). I was a junior at George Mason High School in Denver, Colorado. It was a pretty normal day on my part. At 6:00 my alarm went off, for the first time. It continued to ring every 4 minutes until 6:32 when I finally summoned the will power to drag my butt out of bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth. After throwing on my usual jeans and cute top and rushing through a quick breakfast of toast and peanut butter, I grabbed my books and headed to my car.

Now let me take a little time to tell you about my car. It is a 1997 Honda Accord. She's my baby. I say that she is a silver color; my dad insists she is a golden tan, I don't know what he sees. But anyway, my friends call my car the mother-ship because I drive everyone around. I got my license before most of my friends and so I drove everyone around until they got their own car or license. Here I am a year and a half later still driving everyone around. It's not like they all don't have their licensees, because they do, they simply prefer to have me drive. Whatever I love them anyway.

Okay so back to the day my life changed. When I got to school I trudged my way from the parking lot to the school. It was January and not exactly warm in Colorado this time of month. Just as I was about to reach the door some jerk ran past me, or should I say body checked me, completely knocking me over onto the freezing sidewalk.

"Damn!" I muttered indignantly as laid on the ground trying to think of ways to get up and gather my stuff gracefully with a bulky ski jacket on. About two seconds into my brain process I heard,

"Hey I saw you get decked by that kid! Are you okayyyyyy? Ahhh!" There was a large thump and I knew that the person who had witnessed my embarrassment had just slipped and bitten the pavement, hard. "Freakin' A!" He shouted.

I realized that he was probably hurt worse than I, so I attempted to get off the ground without looking like a complete idiot.

"Are you okay?" I asked holding out my hand.

"Just a bruised ego." The guy said rubbing his head.

"Well I have good news for you!" I said as a pulled him up, "Those usually heal. My name is Gabby."

"James Parkton III" Introduced the guy as he held the door open for me. "Nice to meet you Gabby. I'm new; can you remind me where the office is? I am supposed to go there before homeroom but I have only been here one other time."

"Yeah no problem I said." I glanced up at him. Dang was he tall. He had to have been at least six-foot four or five. At my shorter 5'4" he pretty much made me feel like a midget. "Jeez you're tall!" I couldn't help but informing him.

"No I think that you're just short." James said glancing down at me.

"Whatever dude. I'm average."

"Ha! I must be a foot taller than you! There is no way your average."

"It's not my fault you're a giant." I said sniffing in pretend disdain. "And please try to remember that I am doing you a favor! I could leave you right here." I pretended to walk away (Okay he was cute! A girl is aloud to flirt a little!).

"You wouldn't be so cruel!" James said putting his hand over his heart.

"Alright onward to the office!" I laughed. Bowing he held out an arm

"Shall we?" He asked gallantly. We bantered and laughed all the way down the hall. When we arrived at the office I knew that I did not have an excuse to not be in homeroom.

"I'll see you around!" I said cheerfully.

"Okay." He said looking a little nervous.

"You'll be fine! I promise! I have to go to homeroom or Mr. Bramble will kill me!" I left still hoping that I would see him later that day.

During first period I was fighting a losing battle against sleep in Precalculus when I got a pass to go down to the office.