Accidental Words

By Emily Faerber

Lying still with her eyes shut, Kayla took in slow deep breaths and wished that she would never have to wake up. She could feel Valtiel slide out from the silk sheets on the other side of the bed, and she listened to the rustle of cloth as he pulled on his clothes, then the quiet stops of his bare feet across the floor and out of the bedroom.

Kayla didn't want to face her brother; she was too embarrassed. The words had slipped out in the passion of the moment, and she hoped that he didn't think that she had really meant them. She had just been caught up in the moment and screamed the words, instantly feeling horrified at what she had said. Her brother didn't give any sign of noticing them though, since he had just continued as if she hadn't spoken.

Letting out a deep sigh, Kayla rolled out of bed. If he didn't acknowledge that she had those three awful words, then she wasn't going to either. Pulling on her shirt, she decided to forgo her bra. Val certainly wouldn't mind. He probably wouldn't even notice, as he was intermittently cold with no explanation. She passed on yanking on her pants as well. It was still too early to get fully dressed.

Val looked at her when she opened the door, a book with a plain unmarked cover in his hands, and his creepy music playing softly from the radio by his side. "Temptress," he said.

"Oh please, my dearest brother," Kayla answered, walking past him to the kitchen. "Sometimes I swear that you inherited mom and dad's sex drives."

"I'm not in the mood." Val looked back down at his book as Kayla pulled out a bowl and a box of cereal. "You don't really love me," he said after a moment.

Kayla cringed, but answered, "No, I don't. I loved what you were doing, and it came out of my mouth wrong." Turning to face Val, she grinned. "My brain wasn't working because of that intense pleasure you were inflicting on me."

"I figured as much." Valtiel turned a page.

Turning her back to Val, Kayla sat down and began eating, fighting back the tears that wanted to come. If he wasn't her brother . . . He wasn't her brother. Valtiel was the creation of her adoptive mother's lover. They weren't blood related at all; they weren't even the same race. But . . . they had chosen to be siblings. They had picked the label themselves. That was the reason why the sex was so exciting, because it was forbidden incest hidden from their parents.

But she did love him. Kayla hated the fact that she loved her brother just because she was sleeping with him. She wished she could be cold like Val and only care about the physical pleasure.

A/N: Well, now we all know how weird I am.