This story is about Zabriana Mitchell, a goody goody. She's just moved and has to go to a new school and she gets into trouble almost at once. And when she meets the guy who is indirectly responsible for her getting into trouble, its on!

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I'm a veritable good girl. I've gotten straight A's ever since Grade 1. I've never had detention in my life. I don't fight, I barely swear and I'm an Honor Roll student, for goodness sakes! Basically, I'm a model child and a model student.

So why was I standing in the Principal's office in my new school, nose to nose with a guy I didn't even know, yelling at him? More importantly, what was I doing in the Principals office in the first place? It's all the damn skateboards fault.

Let me start at the very beginning. My mom dropped me and my older sister Mimi off at school in the morning, despite Mimi telling her repeatedly that she'd rather bus to school than be seen being driven to school by her mom (Mimi's going through the whole rebellious phase- actually, she's been going through a rebellious phase her whole life). And despite me telling her that I'd rather stay at home and be home schooled than start at a new school. Mom wasn't hearing it.

"I'd come in with you, but I'm already late," she told us as she parked in front of Glendale High School.

Mimi rolled her eyes as she got out of the car, smoothing her top down over her flat stomach. She flipped open her makeup compact and powdered her caramel colored face.

"Thank God for small mercies," she said sarcastically, slamming the door shut. I got out of the car just as mom rolled down the window nearest to Mimi.

"Look after your sister, Marion. And for Gods sake, don't get into any trouble," she said, a strict tone in her voice.

"Mimi, not Marion. And why the fuck should I look after Zabri? She's old enough to look after her damn self," Mimi scowled. I glared at her. So did mom.

"Dollar, young lady," she snapped, holding her hand out to Mimi. Scowling even more, Mimi fumbled in her purse and dropped a dollar into mom's hand. Before you ask, it goes into the potty mouth jar. Last week alone, Mimi contributed over 20 bucks to that jar. She doesn't care. Nothing can make her stop swearing.

"Yeah, I can look after myself," I piped up.

I mean, I'm 16 years old. I don't need a babysitter. And if that babysitter is Mimi, I'd have a better chance of staying alive if I looked after myself. When I was seven, Mimi was babysitting me (back then she was just plain Marion, before she got all tattooed and pierced up and started pulling all nighters at her many boyfriends houses) and I fell off the kitchen counter and hurt my leg. She totally wouldn't believe me when I told her that my leg hurt and sent me to bed. When I woke up the next morning, my leg was all swollen and it looked really bad. My mom took me to the doctor (this after several hours on the phone arguing with my dad about who'll foot the bill if it turns out to be something serious) and we found out that my leg was broken. Ever since then, I've kinda stopped trusting my mom and my sister where looking after me is concerned.

"Sweetie, don't interrupt," mom said and turned back to Mimi, who was standing there, hands on her hips and a mutinous look on her face.

"I'm not gonna be saddled with Miss Straight A tagging along behind me for the entire day," she said fiercely. I sighed. This was not gonna end soon.

"Later, guys," I said to them (not that they heard me) and walked into the school alone.

I'm used to mom not really paying any attention to me, these days she has her hands full with trying to control Mimi (lost cause) and her promotion at work, which is the main reason we moved from Santa Monica to Glendale. I think part of the reason that mom took the job was to remove Mimi from her surroundings. She probably hopes that Mimi might change her attitude in a new environment, without her old friends to 'lead her astray'. Personally, I don't think a leopard can change its spots. And Mimi finds it real easy to make friends, unlike me. She hit it off with our new neighbors right away. I confess to being a little bit too shy and tired to play the whole 'meet the neighbors' game, but Mimi and mom went at it with gusto, baking cookies the entire morning to take with them. Mom was happy to spend time with Mimi and Mimi, well, she just wanted to see if our neighbors were eye candy. Apparently some of them were, because Mimi came back home practically glowing.

"There are these two guys who live across the street, Zabri. One of them is super luscious! He has brown hair and the most gorgeous green eyes," she had told me, lying on my bed. "The other ones cute too, but he's your age so I didn't really look at him much- I don't rob cradles."

I had just rolled my eyes and laughed, not stating the obvious, that even if I did like any of those guys, there was no way they would like me. I don't mean to put myself down, but I'm just your average girl. I'm 5"3, with caramel skin, I have a Coke bottle figure, dark brown eyes, full lips and straightened shoulder length hair. About the only striking thing about me is the fact that I have a mole above my upper lip. But lets face it, girls with moles are a dime a dozen.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't notice the skateboard before I stepped on it and fell sprawling on the floor.

"Ow," I groaned, sitting up and staring incredulously at the skateboard. What normal person would just leave a skateboard lying around in a hallway?

Almost immediately, a guy wearing a blazer (weird in itself but who am I to judge?) and a tie ran up to me.

"You are not allowed to skateboard on school premises," he barked, whipping out a small paper pad and a pen as I got to my feet.

"I- no, wait. This board isn't mine! I fell over it! I'm new here and I cant even skateboard," I spluttered.

"All I hear is excuses," the guy said. "As a hall monitor, I'm afraid I must ask you to take your skateboard and head to the principals office. Immediately."

"But I just found it-," I started. This wasn't fair!

"Name, please," the hall monitor said, his pen poised over the paper in his hand.

"Zabriana Mitchell. I don't even know where the principal-."

"Zabriana Mitchell. Principal's office is down the hall to the right," hall monitor said.

He tore off a piece of paper from his pad and handed it to me.

"But, this isn't my board!" I protested, taking the paper and reading it.

'Breach of School Regulations. Zabriana Mitchell has been found guilty of breaching school regulations by using a skateboard on school property.'

I groaned. Judging from the look of things, it looked like he'd typed it himself. Loser.

He stood there, tapping his feet as he waited for me to pick up the skateboard and head down the hall. What would you have done? I picked up the board and scurried down the hallway, cussing the hall monitor in my head.

"And no running in the school hallways," he yelled after me.

I've never been so tempted to flip someone off as I was right then.

I found the principal's office easily and I sidled into the outer office, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible. Which was next to impossible with the huge board I held in my hands. I realized that I should have just broken it over hall monitors head. Oh, well, too late now.

The outer office was empty apart from the principal's secretary and a guy who was sitting in a chair, staring at his hands. He had earphones in his ears, so he was probably listening to his ipod. Lucky guy. I handed the secretary the paper in my hand and she gave it a cursory glance and stood up.

"You can wait here. I'll just go and see if Mr. Kane is finished with his phone meeting," she said in a friendly voice, gesturing at a chair. I nodded and sat down, putting the skateboard on the floor. The secretary went into the inner office and closed the door behind her. The guy looked up at me suddenly, as if he'd just noticed I was there. Then his eyes fell on the skateboard and he grinned.

"Oh, I see you found my board," he said, his voice filled with good humor, which was lost on me. My mouth dropped open.

"This board is yours?" I asked, disbelief in my voice. He nodded, chewing on his lip ring and grinning at me like everything was all good.

"Yeah. I left it in the hallway at the entrance. You know the hall monitors go crazy whenever they see skateboards in the building," he replied conversationally.

"Of course I know! I fell over your damn skateboard! I might get detention because the damn hall monitor thought it was mine," I exclaimed.

I couldn't believe this. My first day at school was not turning out as expected. And it was about to get worse.

The guy burst out laughing, which did not make me feel any better.

"Calm down," he chuckled. "You must've ran into Harry Lewis. He's an asshole about rules. He's planning to enlist after he's done with high school so you cant blame him. Did he write you up those little slips of his?"

"Yes! Do you know that this is my first day at this school? Do you know I've never gotten a detention before?" I said fiercely, glaring at him. I noticed that he had almond shaped dark blue eyes which were actually pretty cute. That didn't help.

"Never gotten a detention? Really? Well, welcome to the world, hun. You can thank me later," he grinned, showing off perfectly straight white teeth. Bet he never wore braces for 6 years.

"I didn't want a detention," I fumed. "You jerk, you've just tainted my perfect school record!"

"Hey. Hun. Calm the fuck down. Whoosah. Vike-out. Its just a detention. Oh, and don't call me jerk," the annoying guy said. I stood up.

"Don't you dare call me hun. And tell me to calm down! You've just messed up my life!" I groaned, putting my head into my hands. So I was getting a little worked up, but come on. The only time I ever got called to the Principals office was when he wanted to congratulate me on my grades.

The guy stood up too. He was about 6 inches taller than me and was dressed in black pants, a grey hoodie, a grey cap and black and white Van sneakers. He was still grinning and that pissed me off even more because he looked pretty cute when he smiled.

"I don't think that a single detention has the potential to mess up your entire life. But for what its worth, I'm sorry, okay? How was I supposed to know that you'd not be looking where you're going and fall over my board, which only a blind person couldn't miss? I mean, come on now," he said in a vaguely mocking voice. I stared at him in disgust.

"Is that supposed to be an apology?" I asked him in amazement. He grinned and shrugged.

"Hey, whatever you want, hun," he said lightly.

"Are you trying to say that this is all my fault?"

"Finally she gets it! I mean, you're the one who fell over the board. You could have broken it too! I just set things in motion," he said cockily.

"Oh, really? Well, if you find anything wrong with your board, you'll let me know, won't you?" I said sardonically. To my annoyance, he squatted next to his board and looked it over. Mimi would have said he was trying to look up my skirt, but his attention was solely on the board.

"It's a little bit scratched over here," he announced and looked up at me. "So who should I make the bill out to?"

I think it was safe to say I'd had enough.

"Listen, you asshole, you're just trying to piss me off, and its working! So why don't you just back off and leave me alone, because if you say something else to me, I'll say something I'll regret," I spat. I struck a nerve. Or at any rate, wiped the smile off of his face. He got to his feet and walked towards me, narrowing his eyes.

"What the fuck do you want from me? I tried to say sorry, you wouldn't hear it! Anyway, you look like you're trying to get into fight with someone today. So we're done. Go pick a fight with someone else," he said seriously for once. I put my hands on my hips.

"What's the matter? You scared? Because I'm not gonna back down off of you," I spat, poking my finger into his rock hard stomach. He grabbed my wrist tightly and pulled my hand away from him.

"Don't fucking touch me," he growled, all traces of good humor gone from his face. I shook my hand from his grip.

"Let go of me," I exclaimed. He scowled down into my face and that's when I realized just how close we were. I could feel his breath on my face and his eyes bored into mine. My breath hitched in my throat. Annoying or not, this guy was sexy.

"You don't wanna fuck with me," he said slowly.

I blinked and he stepped away, just as the door to the inner office opened.

"Okay, Zabriana Mitchell, you can come in now," the secretary said, obviously not noticing the tension in the room.

"And you can leave the skateboard," the guy said, a mocking tone in his voice again as he sat down. I glared at him.

"I have no intention of touching that thing again," I said loftily and stepped into the principal's office. Where I got detention. My luck, huh? At least when I got out of the office, the guy was gone. Thank God.

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