Good Girl Going Crazy

Epilogue Part One

Because you knew that eventually I had to do this, right? Sorry for the wait, I was lacking inspiration. Carry on...

2 years later

So we graduated.

We proudly dressed in our graduation gowns, shook hands with Principal Kane on the podium, received our diplomas and threw our caps in the air, our hearts thumping that much faster whenever we realized we were really done with high school and more than a little scared at what was coming our way. High school, the most important time in ones life (according to some people, namely my dad) was over. None of us knew where we were headed.

Where would we be when we were 30? Would we ever see each other again after the summer or would we resort to using email and Facebook to keep in touch? Would the head cheerleader live her dream of becoming a super model or would she make a living as a movie extra? What about the quarter back? Was he going on to play in the NFL? And would Paul Li, our Valedictorian, ever get around to creating an operating system to rival Microsoft and Apple?

Well, Scott said he definitely had the brain power to do it, but I preferred to observe Paul's efforts from a distance. He was severely lacking in originality. His last idea had been a multi-function cell phone which sounded remarkably like the iPhone and Blackberry.

And what about me, little Zabriana Mitchell? What would I do, where would I go?

Well, after the photo session and hugs from my parents, Mama Rae, step mother Fiona and Mimi, I quietly picked my cap up from the quad floor and made my way through the throng of cheering teens to my almost empty locker to pick up my yearbook. I didn't feel much like celebrating. In fact, as I slowly walked through the empty hallways on my way to the library, I had to take deep breaths to stop myself from sinking to my knees and crying.

I know what you're thinking right now, even though I'm not a clairvoyant, last time I checked. You're probably thinking 'what a baby. Sure, it's the end of high school, but it's also the start of something new.' And maybe I was being childish but Glendale High school has been my second home for over two years. I've been happier than I could have ever imagined here. I found Scott here...

Somehow I managed to keep a lid on my emotions as I walked into the familiar mustiness of the library, smiling at the librarian as she blinked at me over her glasses. It took her a couple of seconds before she recognised me and gave me a welcoming smile in return. Any emotion from her was a good thing. Even Principal Kane was scared of Ms. Candle. She gave new meaning to the term 'dragon lady'.

"Zabriana! Congratulations on your graduation! It's so sad that you have to leave us, though," she said warmly, sounding genuinely sad.

Ever since I had started helping out in the library during my spare time (the extra work looked great on my transcript) Ms. Candle had been nothing but grateful towards me, saying that most girls my age wouldn't be caught dead in a library, much less helping out at one. I didn't mind, though. I am the original bookworm for a reason, after all.

"I haven't left the building yet," I reminded her, propping my elbows up on the heavy lending desk. "So can I pretend to be a student one last time and use the library?"

"Wouldn't you rather be on the quad with your friends?" Ms. Candle asked, the concerned look in her eyes magnified by her glasses.

Nervously, I shifted my weight from one foot to another. I didn't want Ms. Candle knowing that I was here to get up enough courage to actually face my friends. I didn't want to look at them and keep thinking 'after the summer, we might never see each other again.' So I took refuge in the library, like any normal girl would do. Or as close to normal as you could get with a name like Zabriana.

"I'll go meet up with them soon. Just wanna see how many signatures I got in my yearbook," I lied, holding the book up.

Ms. Candle peered at it then looked up at me. "You're always welcome here, dear," she said, the lines around her eyes wrinkling as she smiled.

I smiled back gratefully. The last thing I needed was to be chased out of the library on my last day at school. "Thanks, Ms. Candle," I said, turning away from the desk to find an empty table between the tall and dusty bookshelves.

"By the way, say congratulations to your boyfriend for me," Ms. Candle, who obviously wanted to chat, said over my shoulder. I turned back to look at her as she continued, looking and sounding slightly incredulous, as if she could barely believe those words were coming out of her mouth. "I never thought he would graduate Salutatorian. Especially since this year he seemed more interested in finding different ways to push all the teachers' buttons than actually studying."

I grinned, feeling rather proud of my boyfriend. That sounded exactly like what Scott had been up to this year. He made it a habit to skip almost half of his classes and goof off in the rest yet he somehow managed to graduate in the Top 5 of our class with one of the highest GPA's in our school's history, be in the running to win the Pat Navolanic Award (a prestigious award/scholarship awarded to only the best and most liked students) and garner a host of athletic accolades. Everyone wondered how he did it. I guess being a genius had a little something to do with it.


My mind still filled with depressing thoughts, I made a beeline for an empty table, slipped into a seat and flipped through the yearbook. Feeling sentimental, I had hunted down all my friends before the Graduation Ceremony and, much like Melissa Joan Hart in 'Can't Hardly Wait', made them sign my yearbook.

Cheryl had been first, her long message punctuated with an overload of exclamation marks- Zabri! Remember the first day we met in the bus? And u almost fell in my lap! That's how I want to remember u but 4 some weird reason I keep seeing Scott's face whenever I try picturing yours! My point- time apart from Scott will do u good! U don't wanna be some kind of Speidi couple, always together! U don't see me all over my bf! K, I'm officially a jealous troll but my bf will be back today and we'll show u what PDA really is! I'll miss seein' u and Scott is what I'm tryin' to say! U better come visit me at NYU or else! And if ur planning on making me cry at the airport don't bother showing up! Xoxoxoxo

Paul Li wrote this in his tiny and scarily neat writing- I won't miss you since we're going to the same university. Actually, why am I even signing this? Last time I did something like this was in 5th grade and I sucked at it back then too! I hate reliving failure. Paul Li, a.k.a. The LiMeister.

The message from Greg Masters was short, sweet and to the point- Nice meeting you and having lunch with you Zabri. Stay beautiful. Don't let Scott know I said that. Sayonara!

Hayley Neilson had written her message in big, loopy writing above her wide eyed, 'caught unawares' picture. Zab, you do realise that I'm the editor of the yearbook and I strongly feel that if I see another copy I'll go on a rampage, don't you? That being said, I look forward to starting a new chapter with you at UCLA. First, we need to dispose of Paul. There's only room for one evil genius. I strongly suggest that you pick a side. And get this book out of my face.

I had even managed to get Scott to sign, no mean feat since he had flat out refused to touch anyone else's yearbook, let alone sign it. But after giving him the silent treatment for exactly 5 minutes (it took that much time for him to stop talking long enough to realise that I wasn't replying) he bent to my will and signed. I waited with anticipation, sneaking looks over his shoulder as he propped the book up against an obliging Cheryl's back, hoping he'd write something wildly romantic to tide me through all the lonely nights without him at university. Hun, I'm signing your yearbook coz I love you and coz apparently you won't talk to me till I do. Grad party at my house! We did it, hun, Class of '08 baby!

Romantic? Not so much.

I traced his innocently smiling picture absently, my thoughts in a turmoil.

Come September, we would all be going our separate ways. Cheryl was heading to New York University to be closer to Jason, who was pursuing a degree in Architecture at Columbia University. Tina was going to UCal to study Psychology. I was heading closer to home as well, UCLA. Greg had opted to take a year off school to travel the world and 'grow as a person', as he so succinctly put it. Scott, after applying to three Ivy League universities and being accepted to all of them, was going to Harvard to study Engineering Sciences, although he'd been surprisingly tight lipped about it. Usually, you couldn't get him to shut up but as soon as anyone mentioned Harvard he clammed up. Cheryl and I were sure he was scared to leave his parents and adorable little twin sibs to go to school across the country.

"He's a mama's boy," Cheryl proclaimed one night, when we'd been watching Wall-E at my place. "He likes to pretend that he's tough, but inside he's just a mess."

While I wouldn't have put it so- untruthfully (Scott was many things, but a mess wasn't one of them), I could tell that Scott was nervous about university and I didn't blame him. I was scared too, but at least I would have Hayley and Paul along with me. But Harry, my brother in law to be (surprised?), was also at Harvard studying Law and I knew that Scott would be safe as long as he was around.

Even though, given Scott's preternatural hold over him, he would probably turn Harry into a party animal within his first week at Harvard.

Scott and Cheryl's sudden, loud arrival through the library doors jolted me out of my daydream and despite the gloomy thoughts swirling around in my head, I couldn't help smiling. Trust them to come looking for me in the library. Even though I suppose I was a 'creature of habit', I'd been hoping I wasn't that predictable.

"Ha! What I tell you, she's right there," Scott, who was still dressed in his graduation robes, exclaimed as he started in my direction. Evidently, the whole purpose of being quiet in a library escaped him. Laughing, Cheryl followed him.

Ms. Candle's echoing voice from behind her desk stopped them in their tracks, giving me enough time to slam my yearbook shut and act casual.

"Scott Taylor and Cheryl Granger. Two of the most insubordinate students to ever grace this school."

Judging from the frostiness of her voice and the grim look on her wizened face, Ms. Candle had a huge bone to pick with Scott and Cheryl. I decided to sit back and stay out of it. They didn't need my help. If there was anyone who could talk themselves out of trouble, it was Scott.

"No fair, Ms. C! I was a good student," Cheryl protested, giving Ms. Candle her best 'wide eyed innocence' face.

Ms. C didn't buy it. "If by good student, you mean you managed to give all your teachers headaches, then yes, Cheryl, you were an outstanding student," Ms. Candle replied, a touch of sarcastic humor in her voice.

She was melting slowly but surely and all Scott had done was rest his elbows on her desk and laugh. The boy was good.

"We're all grown up now," he said and Ms. Candle 'humphed' loudly, her shoulders shaking.

"I sincerely hope so. I think Harvard frowns on its students setting off cherry bombs in the library."

Oh, that's where the animosity was coming from. Ms. Candle (along with the rest of the faculty) didn't appreciate Scott's practical jokes.

Cheryl gazed at Scott's face intently, waiting to see what he would say with Ms. C mentioning the dreaded word, Harvard. But Scott just gave her a disarming smile, running a tanned hand over his spiky black hair. "You gotta admit, those were the days, Ms. C. I kept you on your toes."

Ms. Candle let out another 'humph' and Cheryl put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile.

"I'm glad you straightened out, Scott. And you too, Cheryl," Ms. Candle said, turning on Cheryl so fast that she flinched.

"Ma'am?" she said in a quivering voice. The wide eyed look was for real now. Ms. Candle had a way of scaring people.

She waved a bony finger in Cheryl's face. "Don't think I don't remember that whoopee cushion prank."

Cheryl snickered as Scott thumped his chest, drawing Ms. Candle's attention.

"Mr. Straight and Narrow from now on, that's me. I'm a big boy."

"A big boy who's graduated class Salutatorian." Ms. Candle held out a stiff hand and a bemused looking Scott shook it, glancing at Cheryl with a classic 'WTF' look on his handsome face. "Congratulations. I'm proud of you," Ms. Candle said gruffly, dropping Scott's hand like it was a hot coal.

"Uh, thanks, Ms. C." Impishly, he added "Betcha never saw that one coming, did ya?"

"Not in the least bit," Ms. Candle replied warmly as Cheryl made a barf face at me.

"And since I'm no longer a Glendale student, no more detentions from you. Life is sweet!"

"You'll miss that, Ms. C," Cheryl piped up. "There isn't a single student at this school that could cause the chaos Scott and I did."

"Don't worry, I groomed Craig Dooley to take my place as Glendale High's official prankster. He'll be here next semester to carry on in my footsteps."

And with that parting shot, Scott stepped away from the front desk and walked towards my table, his gowns billowing.

"Weren't you supposed to turn in your gown after the ceremony?" I asked as he came up behind my chair, infusing the air around us with the heady scent of his cologne. He squeezed my shoulders lightly.

"Hun, I paid good money for this gown. I figured I should at least get my money's worth," he chuckled, leaning down to drop a kiss on my forehead then sprawling on the chair opposite me.

"In other words, he refused to take it off," Cheryl said, slipping into the seat next to me. "So I decided to bring him to you, thinking maybe you could talk some sense into him, but now I see that there's a reason you two are together."

She patted my graduation cap, which was still on my head.

"She looks cute with it on," Scott protested, his eyes twinkling as he grinned at me. "With the tassel getting into your eyes- you know what, don't ever take it off. Period."

"The hat is mine but the gown-," I gestured to Scott's red gown as he absently pulled at a sleeve. "You could get into lots of trouble if you don't return it."

Cheryl nodded but Scott snorted derisively.

"What are they gonna do, expel me?" he asked, shrugging casually. "I'm not a Glendale student anymore so nothing the school does to me will make me turn in this fucking gorgeous robe."

Grinning wickedly at us, he stroked the gown lovingly.

"They can withhold your diploma," I said.

"Yeah. Then you'll kiss Harvard goodbye, your parents will be pissed off at you and you'll let Alex and Dani down," Cheryl cut in, shaking her thick plait over her shoulder.

Scott's aqua eyes widened. "They can fucking do that?" he asked in an amazed whisper.

"It's why they don't give us the diploma on the podium," I told him. "That way, if Scott Taylor pulls a prank, they punish him by not awarding him his diploma which he's worked so hard to get." I paused, remembering all the nights I had spent studying for my SAT's while Scott snored on the couch next to me. "Not as hard as the rest of us, of course."

"Speaking of pulling pranks, you let down a lot of people today. Everyone was waiting for you to do something. Like that time you put Vaseline on all the door handles, the computer mice, the desk seats, the pencil sharpeners..." Cheryl's voice trailed off as she shook her head in admiration. "You are such a menace."

Scott laughed, biting his lip. "What is it about this cute, innocent face that makes people think I'm such a trouble maker?" he asked me, pinching his cheek.

"Maybe the fact that behind that adorably innocent face lurks a diabolically evil mind," I smiled.

Cheryl grunted. "All I know is that your cute face isn't going to save you if Principal Kane spots you still in your robes." She pounded her fist on the table, making me jump slightly. "He was adamant that right after the ceremony, we return the gowns. I did," she said, pointing down at herself. She was wearing a black Glendale Nitro's t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. She pointed at me. "Zab did. Why's it so hard for you to do the same, huh?"

"Coz breaking the rules is his way of life," I said fondly.

Grinning, Scott shrugged. "The way I see it, I'm a guy. We're wired differently," he explained.

Beside me, Cheryl muttered, "So differently, thank God."

"I had the impulse to come and fetch my Z and I wasn't thinking of anything else," Scott continued. He leaned closer to me, smiling. "Am I the perfect boyfriend or what?"

Involuntarily, I smiled back, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Amazing. Two years on and Scott could still reduce me to a grinning idiot whenever he smiled at me.

"You are officially the perfect boyfriend."

"He's lying to you," Cheryl said derisively, snapping her fingers. "He was looking for you purely for vanity's sake."

I raised my eyebrows, wondering what Cheryl meant but I didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Okay, hun, be honest with me," Scott said seriously, standing up. He turned his back to me and looked at me over his shoulder. "Does this gown make my ass look fat?"

Pursing my lips, I let out a long suffering sigh as I exchanged a look with Cheryl.

"Unfortunately, insecurity grows with age," she said to me. "Get used to it, Zab."

I shook my head, a playful smile twitching my lips. "And it's always the gorgeous ones who are so insecure."

Grinning, Scott sat down again, lifting his Kiss 'Dressed to Kill' Van sneaker clad feet onto the scuffed table. "You think I'm gorgeous?" he asked me.

"She's not with you for your smarts," Cheryl snickered, fishing in the pocket of her jeans to pull out her slim cell phone.

Scott flicked an eraser he had picked up from the floor at her, missing completely. "I believe they're called 'brains', Poindexter," he scoffed. Rolling her eyes, Cheryl caught sight of my yearbook and spluttered with laughter, her shoulders shaking.

"Zab, please tell me you weren't in here looking at your yearbook," she giggled, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

I bristled defensively. Apparently, she didn't realise what this yearbook meant to me. Some people have no sense of nostalgia.

"Well, I wanted to see if I got everybody's signatures," I said, sounding defensive to my own ears. Scott sniggered and I glared at him as I continued. "It's of sentimental value to me." I turned my head to look at Cheryl, who was still grinning at the fact that I wanted to immortalize my friend's signatures in my yearbook. Or maybe she was grinning because I'd been reading my yearbook. I don't know. "Now that you mention it, where's yours?"

"I don't know," Cheryl shrugged carelessly, picking on a hangnail. "My bag, I guess."

"Haven't you been trying to get any signatures?" I asked incredulously.

"Nope. Why? I'm just gonna lose it!"

I gaped at her. How could she say that about such an important publication?

"But- Scott, you tell her how important it is," I said, turning to my boyfriend, who was sure to understand where I was coming from. He would knock some sense into Cheryl.

He shrugged, flicking a Skittle into his mouth. "I threw mine in the garbage,' he replied casually, holding out the packet of Skittles while I stared at him. "Want some?"

"Remind me why I'm friends with you guys?" I grumbled. I wasn't expecting an answer but you know Scott. He has an answer for everything.

"Coz of my sex appeal and Cheryl's cute factor," he said. Cheryl batted her eyelashes at me and I grinned slightly.

"Right," I muttered.

Cheryl suddenly squealed so loudly at first I thought that Scott was tickling her feet under the table. But no, it was just because of a text message on her phone.

"Ms. Candle, we have a squirrel infestation in aisle two,' Scott joked in a low voice.

"Shut up, Scott," Cheryl said. She turned to me, a huge smile on her face, her hazel eyes lighting up. "Jason's here!"

"What? Where?" Scott exclaimed, snapping his head around to look at the library entrance, which was empty.

"He's at the school entrance. I'm heading there now!" She stood up, doing a happy little dance as she pushed her chair back. "So long suckers! Now you don't have to make me feel jealous because my boyfriends here!"

And with that, she skipped off, leaving Scott and I staring after her with identical bemused looks on our faces. I was glad for her. Ever since Jason had left for Columbia University, she'd been forced to be the third wheel on all of Scott and my dates.

"Cheryl's a jerk sometimes," Scott mumbled, dragging his chair closer to mine and slinging an arm around my shoulder. "Like we try to make her jealous. I can't help that you can't keep away from my animal magnetism."

I smiled at his joke but my thoughts were elsewhere. Cheryl was a tough cookie, yet she had called me constantly when her boyfriend was at school, sometimes in tears because she missed Jason so bad. If she couldn't handle a long distance relationship, how the hell could I?

Moving closer to me, Scott chucked me under the chin till I was looking directly into his concerned eyes. "Hey. Hun. What's wrong?" he asked softly, slowly stroking my cheek with his thumb.

Flashing him a small smile, I shook my head. "Nothing. I was just- thinking," I said.

"I realise that," Scott said, a wry smile on his face. "Thinking about what? Unless your thoughts are too X rated to tell me, which I doubt." He grinned wider, chewing on his lip ring. "Not that you can't have X rated thoughts, but you look too sad to be having any right now. So...what's up?"

"I don't know." I sighed deeply, looking down at my hands. "I just kind of want everything to stay the same." I looked up at Scott, sure that he was laughing at how dramatic I was being, but he still had that concerned look on his face. It was really sweet. "Change is overrated."

"You know the saying 'shit changes, but we'll always have memories'," Scott joked, trying to lighten the mood. I tugged on my earlobe absently.

"It's not the same," I sighed, then shook myself. "Ugh, I feel like such a wet blanket. Lets not talk about this."

Scott patted my jean clad leg. "Hey, c'mon, hun. Sure, memories aren't the same, but they work." He got to his feet, pulling me up along with him. "C'mon, let me give you the Scott Taylor Tour."

"The what? I giggled, slipping my hand into his as he hustled me through the bookshelves to another table.

"The Scott Taylor Tour. Where I show you different places that hold sentimental value to me. We start right here, at this table where I once laid into you one day when you were late for a tutoring session." He gave me a cute sideways grin and I punched his arm playfully.

"You jerk," I giggled. "Why would you remind me of that?"

"We gotta take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad," he said, also laughing. "The argument we had here made us! Let's roll."

I let him lead me to the front of the library, where Ms. Candle looked up from her National Geographic magazine.

"Leaving, Zabriana?" she asked.

"Yes, Ms. Candle. Scott's taking me on a tour of the school," I said, smiling up at Scott as he linked his arm in mine.

"Ms. Candle, it's been a pleasure making your acquaintance. Sorry about the cherry bombs, no hard feelings, right?" he said, shooting Ms. Candle his most charming smile.

Ms. Candle, the same Ms. Candle who had once given a freshman detention for having squeaky shoes, beamed. She beamed! "Of course not, Scott. Bye, children," she said warmly as Scott dragged me out into the warm air.

"How do you do that?" I asked. I had to know.

"Do what?" Scott said, shooting me a puzzled look as though he didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about.

"Charm the crankiest people like that?"

"What? She adores you!"

I shook my head. "Only because I come in and help her out once in a while. But you come in, set off a couple cherry bombs and she's flirting with you? How do you do that?"

Scott grinned at me. "Jealous?" he teased.

"Exceedingly," I joked.

"Don't be. Me and you got too much history together," he said, squeezing my hand as we walked along. "Like over here."

He stopped at the school entrance steps, looking out into the car park. I gave him a quizzical look. Maybe I was missing something.

"What's so special about here?" I asked. I honestly couldn't remember.

Slipping his arms around my waist, he pressed me against him and whispered "This is where I saw you for the first time," in my ear.

I smiled up at him, a warm glow sweeping through me. "And you decided to plant your skateboard to lure me into your heart."

"Basically. And it worked, so I pawned you."

I didn't bother protesting, because it had worked and he did pawn me.

We stood there for a second in silence, arms wrapped around each other, till Scott put his hands on my shoulders and turned me till I was facing him.

"Hey hun, remember that study bout guys falling in love in less than 10 seconds?" he asked me conversationally.

I rolled my eyes. "Tell me you don't believe that, Scott," I scoffed. "It's a bogus study. Nobody falls in love that fast."

Except possibly my dad. He met my new step mom, Fiona, at a Quiznos. Two months later, they were married. Everyone, including my mom, had waited for a quickie divorce but they had surprised us all by celebrating their one year anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

Grinning, Scott leaned in and brushed his warm lips against mine then inched back to look into my eyes. "I did," he said simply.

I looked up at him, blinking back tears as the impact of the change our graduation would bring hit. "I'm gonna miss you, Scott," I sniffled, hugging him tight. "Who's gonna tell me stupid jokes to try and make me spray milk from my nose?"

Deadpan, Scott said "Paul."

My face crumpled and Scott groaned, wiping the tears from my cheeks. "Oh, hun, please don't cry, I was just playing," he said soothingly.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so sad! I mean, everything's going to be different after the summer. Cheryl and you are going to the East Coast. Me- UCLA. Its gonna be horrible!" I fumbled in my jeans pocket for a Kleenex (I knew they would come in handy) and dabbed at my eyes. "I don't know how I'll handle a long distance relationship, Scott."

I couldn't look at him. For someone like me who bottles up their emotions, just admitting that I was going to miss Scott big time was making me feel like a fool. I knew I was going to miss him and he knew I was going to miss him, but this was the first time I'd said anything about it out loud.

"You don't have to," he said softly.

I let out a bark of humorless laughter. "Unless you're dumping me, I do have to." Fear struck my heart and I glanced up at him. His face was wearing a most uncharacteristically serious expression and my lips parted. Surely not. "You're not dumping me, are you?" I asked hesitantly. That on top of everything else was something that I couldn't handle.

The loving smile on his face made me breathe easier. "No fucking way hun," he said.

"So do you have a free admission spot for Harvard with my name on it?" I asked, putting a hand on my hip.

"You got jokes, don't you?" Scott said. He spread his arms in a supplicating gesture. "I'm fresh out of free admission spots, sorry."

"I'm UCLA. You're Harvard. You're leaving; I guess I'll have to deal with it." I stuffed the used wad of Kleenex back into my pocket, my shoulders slumped. What was going to happen in a few months? Scott would probably find a gorgeous, smart girl at Harvard, fall in love with her in less that 10 seconds and our fairytale romance would be over.

"I'm not going to Harvard."

Scott said this so quietly that if I hadn't seen his lips move, I would have disregarded it. But I was looking up at him and I did see his oh so kissable lips move. My heart rose in false hope, and then plummeted. He was joking. Obviously.

"Not a funny joke, sorry," I said, feeling let down that he would joke at a time like this. But that was Scott in a nutshell, I guess.

"I'm not joking," Scott said quietly. I looked closer at him. His face was somber and he was biting on his bottom lip nervously. He really wasn't joking. "I'm really not going to Harvard."

To Be Continued...

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