'"Air!" a short blonde girl shrieked, running towards me, "I missed you soo much, why haven't you returned my calls?"

"Umm hi Stacy," I replied trying to escape her merciless hug, "you mind not calling me Air or trying to squeeze the life out of me?"

"Fine, Arrit," she said disappointed, releasing me from her hug.

I start to walk off, Stacy trying to keep up with my long strides.

"So Arrit, gonna try to get Aiden's attention today?" I freeze and turn to glare at Stacy. She isn't supposed to know I'm gay let alone that I like guys.

"No," I snap.

"Why not? I see the way you look at him and how you write his name all over the inside of your notebook."

"I do NOT."

"Fine, 'cuz I mean its not like I care, I just thought you two would look cute together."

I blink maybe telling her would be okay. She seems like she wants to help.

"Okay," I mumble, "maybe I like him."

"EE I knew it!" she squealed, jumping up and down.

"Keep it down!" I hiss, putting my hands down on her shoulders trying to stop her jumping, "people are watching."

"But Air," she whines.

"No, you must keep it an absolute secret, that I like Aiden and that I'm gay." Wow it feels like such a relief to say that I'm gay.

"Fine, but we really need to get to school now," she said calmly despite her excitement, as she started to walk off.

Since nothing truly important is going on I'll take the time to introduce myself. My name is Arrit M. Parker. People don't really admire my style but I like it. That's what matters right? I'm semi-tall and pretty scrawny for the age of sixteen. My hair is what I spend the most time on. I have black hair, which is naturally blonde, with one electric blue streak (I have the utmost fascination with blue). Most people wouldn't call me normal. I have numerous piercings (snakebites, septum. eyebrow, angel kisses, tongue, even hip piercings) but I don't normally wear them all at once, for fear my face will be taken over by all that metal. Also something you should know I don't really have a lot of 'friends'.


As I enter the dimly lit building I spot a crowd of girls swooning over a tall boy with blue and green messy hair and may I add a very cute ass.

Grinning I turn to see Stacy beaming at me.

"Here's your chance, make a scene, those girls will spot it and Aiden will turn to see what is going on," she whispered hurriedly.

"What do I do?!" I whine, not knowing what to do let alone if I should do anything.

"Hmm, leave it up to me."

I watch as she strolls over to Blake Anderson. Oh no. Blake is one of the other gays at my high school. My curiosity turns into panic as she whispers in his ear. A smile slowly spreads across his face and he nods and follows Stacy back to where I'm standing.

Before I know it Blake's lips are pressed against mine and his arms entwined around my neck. Instinctively my arms slide around his sides, parting my lips allowing his tongue entrance into my mouth, our tongues instantly meeting and going into battle.

"Umm Arrit?" I feel someone tap on my shoulder, breaking the kiss. I turn to see Andy staring at me wide eyed, "I didn't know you were gay dude." Shit I hadn't remembered, I didn't tell any one besides Stacy.

"Err, yeah, sorry I didn't tell you, I just never…" I trail off staring at the ground not wanting to look up at him.

"Its okay dude, I completely understand, but would you at least look at me?" I look up seeing him looking back at me through his white blonde and blue hair with a look of sheer calmness.

"Okay," I mumble and suddenly feel a kiss on the side of my face as I remember that Blake is still standing there patiently.

"You mind if I steal Arrit and Stacy for a bit?" Blake asks Andy.

"Yeah, sure, fine with me, I need to find Alice anyway." Alice is Andy's girlfriend.

I wonder what is going on, what did Stacy say to Blake, why does he want to 'steal' us, I think before I feel Blake's arm wrap around my waist, I look up, studying his face, he doesn't have any piercings, natural shaggy yet spikey blonde hair, he really is cute.

"So I assume Stacy hasn't told you the plan?" Blake asks. I nod my head, "well, I'm going to date you in hopes that we will make Aiden and Alec jealous."

"But Aiden is straight," I blurt out.

"That you know of, but I talk to his sister, he is closet gay, and from what she tells me he kinda likes you," Stacy stated.

"So," I stammer, "I-I would have a chance with him?"

"Yep," they both say at the same time. Oh my god! I can't believe it, not at all! I'm like shaking. Okay not good, things going dark.

"Arrit?!" I hear a voice before everything goes black.


"Arrit," said a figure I recognize to be Aiden, slowly walking towards me, "I want you, I want you now." He presses against me, pressing his lips against my mouth. My hands trail to his neck and his to my sides, pressing me against the wall and rolling his hips against mine. Pulling back from the kiss he whispers, "Arrit please, please." Turning and pressing him against the wall, I drop down to my knees pulling his zipper down and closing my hand around his erect member.

"Arrit, Arrit please wake up," I hear Blake's concerned voice. I open my eyes realizing that I'm in my bed.

"What am I doing here?"

"You fainted and Stacy gave me directions to take you home."


"I think you should take care of that now," he giggled as he pointed at my newly hard member.

"Yeah," I say as I scramble out of bed and into my bathroom, fully intent on taking a shower. I strip my clothes letting them fall to the floor. As I step into the warm water. I grab the green bottle of shampoo.

Mm, green, Aiden's hair is green.

Without realizing it my hand moved to my now very erect member. Pumping my hand from head to base, as I let out a low moan. Rubbing my thumb over the head before returning to the pumping action. I let out one last loud moan, resting my head against the wall as the sticky mess washed away.


I enter my room again to see Blake sitting on my bed flipping through my CD collection.

"Aww, did I miss all the fun," he joked.

"Yup, you sure did," I laugh as I sit down. Maybe I'll get along with Blake batter than I thought I would. Maybe we will become more than just aides for getting the guys we want. Maybe we will become friends.


"So what?" I question.

"So? Aren't you going to ask if Aiden even saw you and I?"

"Well, yeah, I just didn't want to ask yet," I lie.

"Okay well Stacy said that he saw and he look a bit mad.:



"It's getting late," Blake said from beside me, "I should probably leave before my mom sends the FBI to look for me." He laughs and leans in towards me.

"You know, you are technically my boyfriend," he whispers.


"Well, doesn't your boyfriend deserve a kiss goodbye?"

"Yeah, I sup-," he presses his lips against mine, much gentler than the first time he kissed me. Before I could respond the kiss was ended.

"Well I suppose I should go now, I'll pick you up before school tomorrow?"

"Y-yeah, sure," I stutter, still dumbfounded from his kiss.

"Kay, see you tomorrow, boyfriend," he said and caressed my cheek with his hand before he exited my room shutting the door.