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"I don't think Arrit holds his liquor well," Kendal whispered to me while watching Stacy and Arrit dance (more like stumble every which way in Arrit's case). I smirk, thinking of how much easier it will be to sleep in the same bed as him now that he's drunk.

"Arghh!" Arrit cries out in a frustrated manor, "You cheeated," he slurred out pointing a finger at what I assume he thought was Stacy.

"No way, you lost fair and square," she said, handing him a shot of vodka, "Now drink up."

I watch as he downs the shot, even though he is drunk he still manages to look pretty dang hot when he licks the bottom of the glass. He put the glass down glancing across the room, "Who's next?" he says in a challenging voice.

"Aiden is," Kendal chimed in, pushing me forward to battle Arrit, I don't even know why they wanted the loser to be the one that played continuously, but Arrit has an on going streak of loser-dom.

"Lets make this more interesting," Stacy says, a giant grin appearing on her face, "Loser drinks a full bottle of vodka."

"Sounds like fun," Arrit says, flipping through the song list and stopping on 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cindy Lauper.

"Sure," I say, shrugging my shoulders and stepping on the dance mat. He clicks on the song and the music starts. I dance to the moves but repeatedly miss every single on, looking over to Arrit's side of the screen I notice, he is doing fairly well. 'What the hell?' I glance at the screen again and realize mine was set on expert, where his was on easy. I frown and try to get back into the song right as it ends, seeing the bright red LOSER pop up on my side of the screen.

"Drink time," Kendal says and thrusts a bottle of vodka at me. I uncap the bottle and gulp it down, not stopping until the bottle was empty.

"Jeesh, you sure can hold your breath," Arrit says, referring to how I didn't even stop drinking to take a breath.

"It can be used for a lot of things other than drinking," I say, smirking and staring at the crotchular area of his really tight jeans. 'Jeesh since when do I become so upfront about my urges for him?' A bright red blush spreads across Arrit's face as he realizes what I mean. Minutes pass as we just stand there in silence.

"I think we should play truth or dare," Kendal says suddenly.

"What? But I hat that game!" Stacy whines, before Kendal rolls her eyes and whispers something in her ear. Instantly her face brightens, a grin appearing, "Well, that changes everything."

I just look at the two of them confused as hell, glancing over at Arrit it seems like he is too.

"I'll go first," Kendal announces, "But there are some rules. No chickening out and you have to play exactly how the question or dare is said."

"Kay," I say. Arrit just shrugs his shoulders, and Stacy nods. Then Kendal turns to Arrit.

"Arrit, Truth or Dare?"

"Uh… Dare?" he says, staring at her, waiting for what Kendal could possibly dream up.

"Kiss Aider," she says quickly but forcefully. I freeze, my eyes wide. Arrit pales, "W-what?"

"Kiss him, and on the lips if I may add," she says, grinning. 'My god, my sister is a lunatic.'

He scoots over closer to me, leaning in. I can feel him shaking slightly as he lifts on hand to press to my face. 'His hands are so soft and nice.' Before I could figure out what happened my lips were pressed against his, my hands snaking up his sides and pulling him into my lap to where he was straddling me. Not even thinking or asking, I force his mouth open, sliding my tongue into his mouth forcefully. Running my tongue over every inch of his mouth I could reach, and then I brushed across his tongue. With out warning, he presses against me, forcing me on my back and reversing the rolls by shoving his tongue into my mouth. 'God I'm in heaven, I hope this never ends.'

"Don't you ever come up for air?" I hear Stacy's voice through my fog of bliss. 'Damn, they're still here.'

Remembering that we weren't alone, we unlocked out lips, panting heavily form the lack of air. Arrit gets up to move back to his spot, but I wrap my arms around his middle and pull him back down to my lap. He looks shocked for a minute but then relaxes, leaning back against me.

"That was hot!" Stacy says, turning to Kendal. 'Lunatics.'

"Very hot, minus the fact that he's my brother," Kendal agrees. I blush. 'I don't know what came over me. I mean… he has a boyfriend… doesn't he? Damn vodka.'


I'm lying on my bed, having just taken a shower. I am waiting for Arrit to get done with his own shower before I fall asleep. 'Man kissing him was amazing. Quite possibly the best thing that has happened to me yet.' I touch my lips absentmindedly, realizing they were slightly swollen. I blush. 'Man that boy can kiss. Which makes me wonder about his boyfriend, that Blake guy?' I scowl at the thought of him. 'My Arrit, or will be my Arrit.' My thoughts are broken at the sound of Arrit making his entrance to my room.

"What am I supposed to sleep in?" he asks, gesturing to his clothing. I smirk. 'Nothing'

"Your boxers of course," I say cockily instead, eyeing his pants. He blushes slightly and then rolls his eyes. 'Boy I'd like to kiss him again.'

"Fine, but you have to too," he says and strips off his shirt. 'Ooh I gets me a strip tease.' I grin and pull my pajama bottoms off. 'Man oh man am I a lucky guy.' I watch intently as he unbuckles his jeans and pulls them off. "There, ya happy?" he asks, holding his arms out like people do when they are annoyed and asking you a question.

"Oh you have no idea," I say as I feel my little buddy down there start to grow happy. 'Absolutely no idea how happy I am.'

I see him roll his eyes before climbing in the bed beside me, pulling the covers up over him and turning his back to me. I pull the covers over myself and smile. 'Hmm I wonder.'

"Hey Arrit?" I ask glancing over at his back.

"What?" he mumbles in a sleepy voice, still facing the wall. 'I just wanna spoon him he is so adorable.'

"You wanna cuddle?" I smirk, scooting closer to him. 'So adorable.'

"No, shut up and go to sleep," he mutters and pulls the covers further up. 'Dang no luck.'

"Okay, sweet dreams." 'I know I'll be having them.'


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