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Warning: This chapter contains abuse.

I Wake up on something hard. Not table top hard, but muscle hard. I glance around and realize I'm in Aiden's bed. Which means, I'm resting my head on Aiden's chest. And is that his arm around me? Oh my god. What went on last night? Why am I in only my boxers? And more importantly why am I cuddled with Aiden Jameson.

I sit up, knocking Aiden's arm off of me, and feel the room spin, followed by an aching pain surging throughout my head. I instantly lay my head back down against Aiden's chest. Damn hangovers. Why did I have to drink so much? Though, I have to admit. This, cuddling with Aiden that is, is nice. I lay there, enjoying the feel of cuddling with the boy I like, and then the moment is ruined by the signs of Aiden waking up. I tense, knowing that when he is truly awake, I will no longer be able to lie against him like this, I feel him shift slightly, so I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. I feel him stretch and then he stops suddenly. Oh here it is, he is going to push me off of him.

"Good morning," I hear him say in a slightly surprised voice, his arms circling around me. Surprised at the fact he isn't pushing me away, I open my eyes and look up at him. He is smiling at me in the most adorable way. Man I'd love to kiss those lips.

And as if he heard my thoughts, he leans in and presses his lips to mine in a gentle but firm kiss. My skin instantly heats up as he cups my face with one hand and trails the other one down my back, resting just above my ass. And before I knew it, it was over, leaving me breathless. I want more… God I'm such a kissing slut.

"Good morning to you too," I breathe out, moving to where I am straddling him, before leaning down and attacking his lips in a much more heated kiss, his hands moving to rest on my sides. I press my body against him, wanting more, needing more. And then it all goes down hill.

"Hey boys I need help with the... Oh dear lord!" I hear the sound of his mother's voice pierce the air. Instantly I move off of him and over to the side, ducking my head and hiding behind my hair. Oh god she is going to hate me. I'm never going to be allowed to see her son ever again.

"Mom I can explain," Aiden says calmly, getting up and moving over to his mother. "Step out in the hall with me and I will explain everything." She opens her mouth to say something but then nods and turns to walk out the door, Aiden right behind her.

"It will just take a few minutes," he says to me, with no hint of emotion to his voice or on his face, before closing the door behind him. Shit I need to leave. I rush to my bag, where I stashed the clothes I was wearing last night, and quickly pull them on, not even bothering to listen to what is being said right behind that door. How am I going to leave? I can't just leave through the door. I glance over at said door. No I'll have to leave through the window, but I should leave him a note. I reach in my bad, pulling out my journal and a pen. Quickly I scrawl, Sorry 'bout getting caught. I understand if your mum hates my guts and never wants you to talk to me again, but just in case, here is my number. 467-9282. XOXO~ Arrit. Smiling at the note I rip the page out and place it on his pillow before opening the window and jumping to the grass. And just my luck, I land right on my ass. "Fuck! That kills," I mutter to myself before getting up and making my way back home.

"Where the hell have you been?" I hear a cruel voice say, the smell of cigarettes and beer hitting my nose.

"Out," I say, not even bothering to glance in the direction of the woman they say is my mother.

"Out?" she says nastily, as I put my bag down next to the door before plopping down on the beat up piss yellow sofa my mother found beside a crack house. "Where the fuck have you been?"

I shrug, not even giving her a second glance as she approaches me. I know she is drunk and I am not going to feed her fire by saying anything.

"Answer me when I am fucking talking to you!" she shrieks, smacking my across the face. "Where," she smacks me again, "have," and again, "you," and again "fucking," and again, "been?!" I cringe, feeling the stinging on my face, not even bothering to defend my self from her, because even if she does hit me, my grandmother taught me to never hit a lady, and I respect her wishes.

"I was with a guy okay," I yell, rubbing at my face. Her face becomes masked with anger, her hands balling into fists.

"So you're a fag now?!" she shrieks, I nod. Without warning she punches me again and again, right in the face. "I'm going to beat it out of you boy! I can't have you ruining my good name!" she yells, grabbing me by the hair and dragging me to my room. "You're not to fucking leave your room for anything except for school on Monday unless I say otherwise." She slams the door, leaving me to deal with my busted lip, black eye, and possibly broken nose.

Its Monday, the weekend went by with no calls from Aiden, but more beatings from my mother when Blake called to see if I wanted a ride. I of course accepted. So now, I'm sitting here, waiting for him to get here as my mother sleeps to be well rested for her job. I'm really wondering what Blake will say about my face. "Well speak of the devil," I mutter, as I see his car pull into the driveway. Quickly I get up, careful not wake my mother, and grab my back and sneak out the door.

"Hey I got you a McGriddle," he says, handing me a small McDonald's bag, "Holy hell! What happened to your face?"

"Lets not talk about it, just drive," I mutter darkly before biting into the sandwich thing. It's so sweet and delicious; just what I needed since I haven't even ate since Friday night at Aiden's. Speaking of Aiden, I wonder how things went down with his mom.

"Arrit, you have to tell me what happened to your face," Blake says sternly, not letting me leave from where he cornered me in the bathroom.

"I told you its nothing, I tripped and fell down the stairs," I lie, looking for and escape root. I could duck under his arm and run like hell, but he could most likely catch me.

"That's really believable," he says sarcastically and then his face softens, "I really wish you would tell me… Air," he breathes out, pressing himself against me. I have to admit, this is nice, even though I know we are only using each other.

"I... I cant, not right now," I stutter out, looking up at his baby blue eyes. He presses closer to where both our private areas are touching. I let out an involuntary groan. Yes, yes I know, I'm a slut; I can't help this one thought.

"I'll get it out of you later," he says and dips his head down, claiming my lips.

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