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It's a oneshot, I hope y'all will like it...


He was 28, and she fourteen. The only bond they shared lay across their wrists; a golden cuff; that was what linked the two together.

They weren't friends, nor were they lovers. They weren't family, but they weren't strangers either. The man and the girl knew each other, but not very well.

She was pretty; big, round eyes, long, black hair, and a long scar across her brow line. He was handsome; clean-shaven, blond hair, and a pair of dark sunglasses. The two were dressed in formal attire, and handcuffed together.

Three other men appeared - Their pursuers. The man and the girl exchanged glances, and without a word, they fled. He took big steps. It took everything she had for the girl to keep from being dragged along. Not once did the trio ever lose sight.

The cityscape became a dull-grey blur, lightly speckled with color. The girl's heel broke; she collapsed. The man looked backward, one of the pursuers had a gun. The girl was crying. The man pleaded for her to stand. She ran alongside him barefoot.

Shots whizzed past the man and girl. They both knew they couldn't stop, stopping meant death. They had to lose them.

The man ducked into an alleyway, the girl was jerked around behind him. They had almost reached safety... almost. The man and girl were halfway up the fire-scape before they were spotted.

The armed men began to follow them up.

All five were on the rooftop. The man and the girl were cornered. They had lost.

The man and girl exchanged glances, and shot another backwards. Their pursuers were grinning.

With their cuffed hands interlocked, the man and the girl fell backwards -


A/N: Kind of a cliffhanger, eh?(No pun intended...) Well, I meant it that way... Iceberg theory and all...