A prayer to Jesus

I'm hanging in the lost and found

Not a whim or care

No one sees the true me

Just what sticks out there

I'm standing on the outside

Wishing to look in

But my soul is weary

Strength is what I've lost

My mom and me

Like cat and mouse

We don't get along

At all, believe me

Sometimes I think of ways to cope,

Mostly it's withdrawal

I climb away from family

I'm running from my friends

I try to hide my beat-up heart

What's left to sit within

Why do I feel so tired

Death glazed prematurely in my eyes

It's almost time to end this pain

These scars I can't ignore

It's time to get rid of this

Got some cares or woes

My heart is just too sick and tired

I'm confused of what to do

The house was quiet

I clear my throat

Get ready to pray

Speak to the lord

Dear father dear savior

The one up above

The one who descended

To earth shroud as a dove

I'm calling in wishes

I'm wanting to grant

Please help me end this

The pain has me lost

My mom, my school

All problems like this

Nothing good

No second of bliss

Why does my life

Go up in flames

Die like a phoenix

Only ashes remain

Is it cause the world

Has betrayed your sweet name

I'll kneel and end this

For I feel so ashamed

Please answer me father

A servant of yours

Show me what makes this

Pain what we all must bear