Josephs Testimony

The angels are calling,

A call from above.

My time on earth ended,

My new life begun.

I'm going to heaven,

A steady path.

I stop to think,

Go over the past.

Weak and feeble,

I was born small.

My name is Joseph,

I'm here to tell all.

When I was young,

I was scared for life.

My parents worked hard,

Overcoming the strife.

At twelve I got gifts,

From the one up above.

One is to write,

One is to love.

Mr. Toothmen,

A helper in gods' hand,

Unlocked some potential,

One that helps me stand.

But before all of this,

Back with the ashes and dust,

I was saved at eight,

Enlightened by the dove.

I thank my stars,

That on those dark days,

Michealle was right there,

To show the error in my ways.

Now I'm fifteen,

With stories to tell.

Many friends lost,

New ones to help.

There's Joe wild-t,

And Kirk Rowe too.

Both are my pastors,

I love them, I do.

Then there is Justin,

Katelin and Dakota.

All good friends,

We hang out a lot.

There are many others,

Some lost and some found.

That's my life goal,

To save human lives.

After thinking long,

And thinking hard,

I continued my journey,

Not hard by far.

A great flash appeared,

A creak of gates…

And, "come sit with me child,

Let us sing a hymn in praise.