This feeling of nothing

Free of the worlds pain

Now that nothings hurting me

I feel a empty pang

I have a shameful secret

I just have to let go


it will blow away

Like that first December snow

I have the scars to prove

What my trembling voice will say

I am a cutter,

with some shame

I cut my arms, I cut my legs,

It feels like I just can't stop

One cut follows another

More come like fellow brothers

Blood wells from way down deep

From shameful wounds blood weeps

For I am here to say

Cutting is not ok

From deep inside I weep

For all the cuts I reap

And all the shame that's felt

From a prick, a cut, or a slash

My life seems to flash

Like a big picture in front of my eyes

As the knife falls from my sides

More tears well from inside

I sit alone and wept

As one more time I cut myself deep

And I see my attempts to stop slide away

As all my feelings drift astray

Now that I am numb

That I can't even feel my thoughts

I think of all the things that crumble

Eventually gone and lost

All of has fallen into

The deepest abyss

As my dreams are succumbed

By the knife in my fist

Tears are still streaming

My back slides down the wall

As my grip on life slips

And I begin,


To cut myself….