"Girls! Mary's coming up the drive way!" My mother yelled frantically up the stairs.

"Just a sec mom! We're almost done!" Sabrina pleaded as she worked on my make-up. Sabrina took a step back and bit her lip as she surveyed her work. "Well my darling, the rest is up to you."

"That's encouraging." I muttered as we went downstairs. Dad was already outside helping Mary out of her car and into the house.

My mother gasped when she saw me. "Dora, you look wonderful." She whispered happily.

I wasn't going to argue with her about my name. It would take too much effort and it would ruin the effect my new look was about to have on Mary. When Mary came into the house she surveyed us three women. "Well," she demanded imperiously after a little while. "Where is Dora?"

"Hello Great-aunt Mary," I said stepping forward. "But, I believe I reminded you earlier that my name isn't Dora anymore. I changed it to Yayoi."

"Do not be absurd. You could not possible be Dora. Dora is a ruffian. You, my dear, are a fine upstanding young lady."

"I can assure you that this young lady is my daughter Mary," my dad said putting his arm around my shoulder. "I've raised her. I would know her anywhere."

"You finally talked sense into the girl!" Mary exclaimed happily. "I know a good many young men who would be happy for a wife such as you my darling. Mind you, you'll have to quite that horrible occupation you have a start applying yourself at school but-"

"Great-aunt Mary," I interjected staring hard at her. "One: I am not quitting my job. I enjoy working at Destry's. Two: I have no interest in getting married anytime soon. I have other things to think of. Like starting an auto shop with Rey. Three: I don't need to start applying myself at school. I'm going to be the valedictorian. I have a solid 4.0."

"Now stop being silly darling. How could you possibly have a 4.0 when you are always with such hooligans. No, no, if anyone has such excellent grades, it would be young Sabrina. And of course, you're looking wonderful tonight darling."

"Um, Aunt Mary, why don't we go into the sitting room." My mother said quickly.

After a minute, it was only me and my dad in the hallway. "Hey baby, we'll get her out of here as soon as we can, I promise."

"I don't care what she says about me dad. She insulted my friends. They're great people. She doesn't even know them!"

"I know baby. Just try to hold out. It should only be an hour, two hours tops, I promise. If she keeps acting like this, than I'll get your mother to let you leave."

"Thanks dad," I whispered before we went into the sitting room with mom, Mary, and Sabrina.

As I sat there listening to Mary talk with mom and dad, I began to appreciate Sabrina a lot more. It was probably just as hard for her to hold her tongue as it was for me. She was really the better kid in that respect. She was able to keep quiet while I had my outbursts. She sacrificed her words to let me call out. I would defiantly find some way to thank her. Maybe I'd buy her something for college. She'd probably appreciate that.

I made sure that I buried myself in thought. Not too deep though, just deep enough that I could ignore Mary, but still close enough to reality that I could acknowledge anyone who talked to me. Was this how Sabrina lived all the time! She really was one strong chica. A timer went off nearly making me jump. Luckily, I controlled the action. "That would be the roast," Mom said cheerfully. "I'll just set it out on the table and we can have dinner."

We all filed nicely into the dining room. Dad took his seat at the head of the table. Mom would be at the other end. Sabrina kindly took a seat next to Mary to spare me and I sat down across from Sabrina (basically next to dad). We were hoping that I would be able to avoid confrontation with Mary if we sat like this. God only knew if it would work or not. I could only hope that it would. I really didn't want to have an argument with Mary. It would break my mother's heart. I may be twisted, but I'm not cruel like that. It would be just pure evil.

My mother and Mary chatted pleasantly while we ate. I didn't mind that. It gave me time to concentrate on my food. Mom had really outdone herself tonight. The roast was cooked just right. The mashed potatoes were perfectly mashed and blended. The corn had been cooked correctly. These are the reasons that I love home cooking. It is the only real food that exists. All others are disgusting cheap imitations that shouldn't be given the time of day.

For dessert, mom brought out this beautiful, home-made chocolate cake with white icing. I felt like I had just died and gone to heaven. (I really hope that there's food in heaven. I'll be kind of disappointed if there isn't.) Mom cut us all equal slices of cake. I mentally celebrated. I was definitely taking cake for lunch tomorrow. There would be no risking the wrath of the cafeteria woman.

The cake was blissful. Even Mary seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I could get along with Mary...well as long as she kept her opinions to herself. I would even be nice enough to do the same. I mean, it wasn't like we didn't have anything in common. We both had good taste in food. Or at least as far as I could tell we did. I could be wrong. It wasn't like it hadn't happened before. In fact, it tended to happen fairly frequently to my general dismay. But currently, that is irrelevant. Just because I have some form of intelligence does not allow me to be egotistical...or does it?

Great, I'm babbling. I tell you, it's the cakes fault! Wait no, must not blame the cake. It really is just my fault. I was babbling because it was all in my head. It didn't matter what I thought. No one else could hear it. It was all for my listening pleasure and amusement. That and the cake was making me really happy. It had been almost two months since my mom had made a cake. Forgive me if I was getting a little excitable.

It had been an hour and a half since Mary had come to the house when mom asked me and Sabrina to do the dishes. I knew that cue. I also didn't groan for once. I was happy. Mary would soon be gone. It took all my self-control to not skip to the kitchen in my glee. Sabrina and I washed the dishes in silence. "Good night my darlings. I hope that we can have another lovely dinner again soon." Mary called for the door.

"Good night Great-aunt Mary!" Sabrina and I called together. "Have a good night!" I added.

Sabrina and I waited until we heard the door close and Great-aunt Mary's car pull out of the drive way before we turned to each other with identical smiles. "We did it!" We yelled in unison hugging each other.

"I can't believe it. Did you see the look on Mary's face when she realized who I was?"

"I know! I wish I had camera. That was so priceless." Sabrina said laughing.

"You two are diabolical. Now I know you're my daughters." Our dad said coming into the kitchen. "That was well played girls."

"We try," Sabrina and I said laughing.

"Dora darling," my mother spoke from behind me. I mentally cringed at the use of my old name, but turned to look at my mother. "I'd actually like to talk to you alone." It was a hint to my dad and sister to get lost. They took the hint.

"I know you think that I'm disappointed in you darling. You think that I'm a horrible controlling mother who just wants things my way. I guess that I can act like that sometimes too. But before you make anymore judgements I want you to know something. I have to tell you thins soon. I know you're leaving almost immediately after graduation. I know there's nothing I can do to stop you. I'll have to eventually come to terms with that. But before you go, I need you to know something. I love you baby. I love you and I am so proud of who you are Yayoi."

"Y-you called me by my name," I whispered perplexed.

"Mind you, you can't expect me to use it in public. You're not the only one with a reputation to keep."

I laughed and hugged my mom, holding onto her as tears fells down my cheeks. "I love you momma. You always remember that."

"Don't' worry baby, there's no way I could ever forget it."