I will call him. I will. Yup, any second now. Almost.

Okay, maybe not.

This sucks! Finally, after all this time, I managed to get Sebastian's phone number, from one of his bimbo exes (I told her we were doing our history project together). And now, all I had to do was dial the freaking number. But no, I was too nervous. Wonderful. Yeah, just fabulous.

Come on, Annabel! Pick up the phone and dial the godforsaken number. Ugh, but would I say?

Oh, sorry – didn't see you there.

I'm Annabel James, invisible girl extraordinaire (no point in denying the truth). I wasn't shy or timid. Most people usually assume that if you're invisible, you're shy. This is all a load of crap. And now meet my complete opposite. Sebastian Parker, the dreamiest guy ever. With his tousled black hair and green eyes, every girl was in love with him. He wasn't exactly a playboy, neither was he one of those 'I'm so good looking but I never date' guys. He dated now and then.

Me? I liked him ever since I saw him help a little girl with her math in the kindergarten playground. Yeah, I know he doesn't know me. And to end that, all I had to do was dial the number.

I counted to 10, took in a deep breath, picked up the phone and dialed the number. Oh my god! I did it! Wait a second, what would I say?

'Hello?' Oh no. That was his (rich, deep and amazingly sexy) voice.

'Umm…hi.' Okay, can I go bury myself now?

'Err…who is this? I don't think I recognize the number.'

'You wouldn't. I've never called before.'

'And…who is this?' You wouldn't know.

'Its, um…someone,' I replied. This is just brilliant.

'Someone, eh?' He asked, amusement lacing his voice.

'Yup…so what you doing?'

'Oh…you know. Just got back from football practice…and now lazing around. Hey, do you go to my school?'

'Yeah, I do.'

'And you won't tell me who you are?'

'No, I won't.'

'Well, have I ever spoken to you before?'

'That's up to you to figure out.'

'Ah. So…what are your favorite movies?'

'I'd have to say Pirates of the Caribbean on that one.'

'Excellent choice. And which is your favorite band?'


'You have a good taste.'

'Yeah, I know.'

He laughed. 'You do like me, right? I'm assuming that's why you're calling me?'


'So I have a secret admirer.'

I rolled my eyes. 'You have many. I'm just one of them.'

'Well, no one has ever called me without telling me who they are. Most of them throw themselves at me.'

'Inflated ego alert! Well, genius, they can't be called secret admirers if they throw themselves at you, can they?' I asked.

'Hey, what kind of secret admirer are you? You're supposed to be complimenting me, not insulting me!'

'Yeah well, I'm not like your other Barbie dolls.'

'Don't worry; you've made that pretty clear.'

I laughed.

'When can I meet you?' He asked suddenly.

I bit my lower lip. 'You can't.'

'You called me because you like me. Wouldn't that mean you want to meet me?' he asked confusedly.

'Yes and no. Yes, I do like you but no, I don't think I could take meeting you.'

'Why not?'

'We're too different.'

'Who cares?'

'It's not that easy, Sebastian. Sorry, but I got to go.'

'Well, will you call again?'

'Again with the lack of brains. My number will be stored on your cell phone, Einstein. You can give me a call whenever you want.' I said and then hung up.

'Guess what, Anna?' Said my best friend Mia excitedly, at school the next day.

'School's closed today? Our physics teacher has gone for a holiday? Am I close?'

'Even better! Rumor has it that Sebastian Parker has made it some sort of challenge to himself to talk to every girl at school!'

I froze. Was he mad? He was actually trying (or so I thought) to find me!

'That's why every girl at school is getting herself to look better today,' continued Mia. 'Not that I blame them, of course.'

My phone suddenly rang. I looked at the number. It was the devil himself.

'Excuse me for a second,' I said to Mia, who was still rambling about him.


'This is it! I am going to find you, whether you like it or not. You'll see! That's why I'm talking to every girl at our school. I will find the one with your voice.'

'Hah! Dream on! It's not that easy.'

'Sure it is. You're on the phone right now, so, from what I can see, there are only around, um, 100 girls on the phone right now. Yup, piece of cake.'

I laughed. 'Like I said, it's not that simple. Why don't you just give up?'

'No I won't.' He was beginning to sound frustrated. 'I don't see the point. Why are you so scared?'

'I'm not scared. I just…' I trailed off, unsure of what to say.

'Forget it.' He sighed. 'I will catch you, you should know that.'

'I don't think so. I'll just run off to the girl's bathroom every time I see you coming.'

'Well then, I'll know it will be you when you run off to the bathroom.'

'So, what? You'll just corner every girl that goes to the bathroom? Shame on you.'

'Well, no,' he said, sounding slightly embarrassed. 'What I meant was - '

'Sense of humor, buddy. You need to develop one.'

'Hey! I have a perfectly amazing sense of humor, thank you very much.'

'Uh huh. Sure you do. Now do you mind stopping this bloody search of yours?'

'Are you British?'

'No, I'm not. I don't need to be British to use 'bloody', you know.'

'Just asking.'

'Well, I got to get to class now. See you!' I said cheerfully.

'If only,' I heard him mutter before hanging up. I sighed. I knew the only reason that I wouldn't meet him was because I was a 100 percent certain that he wouldn't like me. Not with all the beautiful (yet brainless) cheerleaders around.

I had been around a week since I had made that first phone call. Ever since then, Sebastian had been calling me every single day. He thankfully stopped his search (much to the girls disappointment). I knew he wanted to meet me, but I never obliged, thanks to my insecurities.

I sighed. Here I was, making failed attempts to solve impossible math problems, when I could be out doing something interesting which would raise my, um, intellect.

My phone rang. My heart leapt when I saw the caller.

'Hey,' I answered the phone, smiling.

'I need help.' He said frantically.

'What? What? What happened?' I asked, immediately panicking.

'Do you know this kid in our school called Bryan Smith?' He asked in a hurry.

'Yeah,' I replied quickly. Bryan was a very sweet guy who sometimes tutored me in Math.

'Well, we were just hanging out, when he suddenly went into this coughing fit and he just collapsed. God, his pulse rate is decreasing and I...'

'Where are you?' I interrupted.

'Greenwood Park.'

'I'll be right there.' Greenwood Park wasn't far away from my house. I grabbed my jacket and ran out.

When I got there, I was out of breath. I looked around. No one was there.

'Hello?' I called out.

'Annabel James,' came a voice from behind me. I spun around.

'Sebastian? Where's Brian? What happened….' I paused. 'No way. Do not tell me this was a joke.'

'Sorry. I couldn't help it. I really did want to meet you. I told Brian about the calls and he was the one who gave me the idea. So, its been you all along.'

'What do you mean 'It's been you'? You're supposed to say 'Who are you' or something like that.'

'I know who you are. Annabel James, you're the one who was in that dance in January. It was a fabulous dance, by the way. I've had a slight crush on you even since then.'

'What? Then why didn't you ask me about the phone calls during your infamous 10 minute search?'

'You can't just walk up to a girl you like and ask her if she's your mysterious phone caller,' he said.

'What about your other girlfriends? You can't date a girl when you like someone else, you know. Its not right.'

'I haven't had a girlfriend since December.'

'Oh right…sorry.'

'And for how long have you liked me?' He asked.

'Oh,' I replied. 'Its been 2 years, 3 months, 1 week, 4 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 21 seconds…not that I'm counting, of course.'

His warm laughter filled the silence. And then, he took my face between his hands and kissed me.

Oh wow. I think I just died and went to heaven.

'Sebastian,' I murmured, pulling away from him. 'Do you think we'll make it? You know, with you being popular, and me being the opposite?'

'No,' he replied.

I looked up at him, confused.

'I don't think we'll make it,' he continued. 'I know we will.'

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