Choir. The part of the day I looked forward to the most. I was finally headed down the hallway towards it after chatting with Ross and saying hi to Lily, but as soon as I passed through the double doors I was ambushed by disheveled looking Adam.

I jumped slightly when his hands clamped onto my shoulders, tighter than normal, and he leaned in for maximum eye to eye contact.

"I have been hard… for two… hours! Since lunch! Every time I turn around it's BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS! "

I laughed loudly, his voice had cracked once or twice and his eyebrows were screwed up in desperation.

I heard someone stifle a giggle behind me and Adam jumped slightly, his gaze moving to the laugher.

A crooked grin twisted onto his face and he crackled out a strained 'hi' as Laura walked past us and into the classroom.

I watched her ass switch from side to side until she disappeared from view around the doorway and licked my lips slightly.

His head flopped onto my shoulder, "Fix me."

I laughed again and pulled his hips into mine jokingly, his fingers dug into my shoulders marginally and I felt him swallow and suddenly the situation didn't quite seem funny or joking anymore. Nope, nothing funny or joking about the raging hard on now pressed into my leg.

I swallowed tightly and let out a slightly awkward chuckle as I tried to recapture the comfortable atmosphere, "Heh, guess you really weren't exaggerating…"

With a bit of effort he managed to get his easy going grin onto his face and said in a mock serious voice, "Are you kidding? I don't joke about such desperate subjects!"

I pretended not to notice that his eyes looked a little different than normal and that he was still pressed against my leg, but I couldn't help shifting my weight a little uncomfortably.

His breath hitched and he blinked a few times before freezing completely. Our eyes locked. I wasn't quite sure why but I shifted my thigh a little again, curious if it would have the same effect.

He bit his lip hard and made a near silent choking noise.

"J-Johnny?" he managed to get out, looking extremely disoriented, "W-what-?"

I wasn't quite sure where I was going with this but I'm not one to usually think things through too thoroughly when something feels good. And apparently this felt good, I glanced down wryly. I was already half hard, sometimes my sex drive amazes even me.

I glanced distractedly at the clock on my cell and realized the bell was about to ring. Well that explains why no one but us is out here…

I gripped his hips more securely and rubbed my thigh up against his cock roughly. He let out a brokenly desperate moan and his head flopped onto my shoulder again. I kept up the rough pressure as I slid my leg back down and he bit my shoulder hard to muffle his moan this time.


Adam wrenched himself away from me staring between the door to class and me with an expression full of agonized indecision.

The corner of my mouth quirked up in a smirk as his gaze settled on me, and he shifted slightly against me and raised his eyebrows in a silent plea for me to continue.

I jumped slightly when the door clicked and started to shut, glancing back quickly I caught a fleeting glimpse of Jamie giggling as she pulled the door shut. Eh, she probably won't say anything.

I casually slipped my hand between us and slowly traced the outline of his boner through his pants, noticing a slight curve to his right.

He let his breath out slowly in a nearly inaudible moan, closing his eyes and leaning his forehead against mine shakily. I glanced at his slightly parted lips and wondered briefly if this was really the right place to start something like this as I let my finger trace the button on his jeans.

"Johnny," Adam began, slightly hoarse, "Don't you think we should go-"

I cut him off by leaning up and sealing his lips with mine, guiding him backwards until he was pressed against the wall. After a moments hesitation he kissed back tentatively. Our gentle nudging of lips progressed to slightly parted lips and sneakily darting tongues to full on intense frenching in a matter of about ten seconds.

As I was undoing the button I'd been playing with I thought for a moment I heard the door open. I was about to glance over to see if someone had come out into the hall but my attention was snatched back as Adam nipped at my bottom lip slightly. His lips suddenly pressed against mine in a harsher kiss, tongue shoving more forcefully at mine and my fingers faltered on the button as his hands slid up under the back my shirt to pull me closer.

I lost my concentration on taking his pants off and melted into him, pushing my hips roughly into his with a moan echoed by his own louder moan muffled only by each others mouths.

In the back of my mind, the part that could still think, I noticed the choir was singing Elijah Rock, in preparation for the Nashville trip this week I would assume. The worry that we might be heard was lost seeing as it's the loudest song we know.

I pulled away just enough to slide my mouth to the side so I could slowly kiss and nibble my way down his jaw. Adam leaned his head back and to the side, giving me more room to play, and I sucked and licked at the right side of his neck hard enough to leave a mark. He nudged me away from his neck with his shoulder and yanked me back into a bruising kiss with a panting groan.

I finally got his pants unbuttoned and pulled away from his mouth, sliding down to my knees in a smooth motion.

"J-Johnny! Hang on a second!" Adam gasped out, glancing around at where we were, eyes widening further as he caught sight of the door.

I took a firm hold at the base of his cock and looked up at him through my eyelashes.

"Yeah Adam?" I asked, grinning lecherously up at him as at the end of my sentence I poked my tongue out and ran it along the ridges on the head.

His protest whooshed out with his sudden exhalation and he fisted his hands in my Fall Out Boy hoodie, closing his eyes as he let his head fall back against the wall.

I slipped my mouth over the tip and sucked lightly. His hips went tense with the effort not to buck and a strangled noise in the back of his throat told me he was trying not to make any noise. I slowly inched my way down until I had his cock completely inside then began softly trailing my tongue up and down his shaft.

When this still got no response from him, I slowly slid up the shaft as I ghosted my fingers up his sides under his shirt.

Goosebumps raised on the skin of his arms and with a tortured groan, his control crumbled and he thrust desperately back towards my mouth. I obliged, sliding back down about halfway and just relaxing my throat as I let him fuck my mouth, tonguing the nerves on the back of his head every time he pulled out.

I could tell he was getting close because I could feel his stomach muscles moving sporadically as his breathing grew short and quick.

"Johnny, c-come up… Come mmmmmp here… I need…kiss…you…" He managed to brokenly moan out.

I glanced up, reluctant to leave the blow job unfinished, and suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I froze as I felt someone stop right behind me and looked up to see Sean leaning over me to crash his lips into Adam's, it occurred to me then that Sean had been out there since I'd thought I'd heard the door open and shut.

"Oh, hey Sean," I laughed around Adam's cock.

He broke the kiss and looked down at me smirking, "You really shouldn't talk with your mouth full Johnny."

I grinned up at him quickly before sliding my mouth back down and sucking roughly at the sensitive skin.

"Johnny, you should probably take this somewhere else… De Boofah will be out here eventually to yell at me for being disruptive…"

I groaned and reluctantly got up, "What did you do this time?"

"I forgot to get my folder at the beginning of class so I had to go get it and when I was walking back to my seat Bri was going to get hers and I smacked her ass with my folder... And it made a louder noise than I anticipated… Soooo yeah, the practice room is like… twenty feet away…"

Adam and I followed Sean towards the practice room only to find that it was locked.

Sean turned around grinning, "Oh well, at least you guys aren't right outside the door now…"

I grinned back as he tried to slip past me to get back to the hallway. I stepped in front of him then roughly spun him around and pinned him to the door, "You're not going anywhere…"

I saw his eyes widen slightly in the dim reflection in the window but before he could respond I had my lips fastened around the pulse on his neck and was sucking exactly the way I know drives him insane. A few seconds in and he was already panting, fingers scrabbling for purchase on the metal door.

"Wait," he protested weakly, "Johnnnny, She- but- you- I- gonna come out to- t-aaah-alk to me!"

The was some slight scuffling on the ground next to me and I glanced down to see Adam kneeling with a bent paperclip and his glasses on, peering at the lock, "Well I guess you decided to skip class…"

"F-Fuck…" Sean muttered, leaning his forehead against the glass as his breath sent little puffs of fog across the smooth surface.

As I slid his button through the hole he turned his head to the side, looking at me out of one eye and licked his lips. My breath caught as I took in his already flushed cheeks and the look on his face, I slid up and kissed him slowly. I was almost gentle as I pressed my tongue into his mouth and he moaned breathily pushing himself back slightly, rubbing against my hips lightly.

I heard a slight ping next to me and glanced down to see Adam had dropped the paperclip and slumped to the ground, hand curled around his cock, glasses askew.

"I can't pick it, and even if I can I'm done trying… My hand is shaking to much to even get it in the lock anyways…"

Adam trailed off as the choir door clicked open and we all froze for a second just staring at each other.

"Shit!" Sean hissed, eyes wide. Adam scrambled onto his feet and silently tripped his way up the staircase, Sean and I right behind him. We huddled on the top of the stair case peering down into the hall, trying to see who it was.

Emo walked past the stairwell and over to the drinking fountain, looking around her in confusion. She got a drink and slowly looked down the hall one way then walked over and peeked around the corner towards the doors to the outside.

"Sean?" she called quietly, "Are you out here?"

"Maybe he skipped…" Madi suggested as she walked into view, stooping to get a drink.

"He must have, he's not out here."

We practically held our breath as they walked back out of sight and a few moments later we heard the door click shut.

I stood, feeling Adam stand up behind me, and turned around, slipping my arms around Adams neck and pulling him down so I could kiss him as he backed me into the wall. I could feel every inch of him pressed against me as he dominated the kiss, pushing it back into my mouth and pushing me into the wall with all his weight.

After a few minutes I heard a relatively loud moan and glanced over Adam's shoulder to see Sean leaning against the bars, eyes half closed as he watched us while he rubbed his thumb over the back of the head.

I nudged Adam back a little and my pants fell down the rest of the way, I hadn't even noticed him unbutton them.

Sean slid down the bars a little, slipping his arms over the top bar and grabbing a hold of the second bar, bracing his weight on it as I moved closer. I leaned down and kissed him roughly, trailing my hands down his legs to the back of his knees and lifting his legs up around my waist. His arms went taught as almost all of his weight settled on them and his long legs tightened around me.

"I'm r-ready… I- while you- Adam- kissed- fuck!" Sean stammered out, pressing into my hips desperately with a frustrated moan.

I positioned myself at Sean's entrance and slowly pushed in with a long appreciative moan met with a loud breathy cry from him. I felt Adam's lips on my neck as he unlocked Sean's legs from around my waist and rewrapped them around us both, his hands sliding over my ass quickly before he hurriedly prepared me and slowly pushed in with a satisfied sounding moan.

I thrust into Sean roughly as Adam pulled out, beginning our ragged rhythm. I'd push into Sean, who would moan and exclaim some obscene language each time, as Adam pulled out and he would slam back into me with a muffled groan into my neck as he sucked and licked at the side of my neck giving me hickey after hickey as I pulled out.

I had one of my hands braced on Sean's hip and the other pumping his cock at the rhythm of my thrusts, my hand clenching every time Adam pushed in.

Sean moaned loudly and mumbled some incoherent curses as his body tensed slightly around me and his legs tightened, pulling Adam into me harder than before which in turn pushed me farther into Sean than I had been.

I felt the head of my cock hit something solidly and Sean arched into me, muscles taut, as he splattered cum on his chest and my shirt, missing my hoodie by only a half inch. I managed about ten more seconds before I came hard, echoing Sean's loud shout and feeling Adam cum a moment later.

None of us moved for a few minutes, we just stood there panting harshly, not quite ready to end the moment yet.


We stared at each other for a millisecond before we each burst into action.

"Fuck!" Sean gasped as we all heard the choir doors open, footsteps and voices filling the halls. We were all clothed in a matter of seconds and we snuck down the stairs as I zipped my hoodie up to hide the mess Sean had made.

"See you guys later." I said with a relaxed smirk as we reached the bottom of the stairs and separated into the crowd of people.

"Johnny!" I heard a voice call, and seconds later I was enveloped in a Dennis hug, "Where were you?"

I laughed into his chest, "Just skipping, didn't feel like going today."

I left the choir hall smiling. Yep, this is definitely my favorite time of the day.