Socket Shell

I kind of got lost in her eyes as I saw

All the pain and emotion laid skinless and raw

I kind of fell in and started to drown

Inside of a horrible merciless sound

Of scales and incisors and pupil-less eyes

Perfection of flaws and horizons of flies

Who knew masquerading could hide such a stink?

Who knew that corruption runs straight to the brink?

Inside of her sockets I found something strange

A sick little worm, too intrinsic to change

Grown in confusion and fed with despair

Raised on her hatred and nurtured with care

It swallowed and burrowed right down to her soul

Wasting away and creating a hole

Inside of her where her flesh was now is gone

Shriveled away in a horrible dawn

Rotting and tearing as blood turned to bone

Her veins became wires, her heart turned to stone

Wonderness fell away sobbing in fear

In came destruction, victorious leer

It settled in perfect, its throne made to fit

Bloating itself as she catered to it;

Feeding the rot that became her insides

Replacing her flesh with corruption derived

Once was a human and now is a shell

Stepping on pieces of past as they fell

Welcome inside of a hollowed-out hell