Constant voices filling my head,

Whispering nothing but lies,

Telling me I'm colorless,

And I'm too afraid to paint my skies,

Because I can't see anything anyway,

I'm too colorblind,

I'm not fit for any design,

I'm different, one of a kind,

And yet the voices fail to say,

That I'm worth something to you,

My whole world is black and white,

And you're the only color that shines through.

You're my only color, my sunlight,

And you're still reaching for my hand,

Although I'm colorless and dark,

You're willing to love me and

I feel alive because I could be yours,

Though I'm colorblind,

I want to be fit for your design,

I'm different, but I'm your one of a kind…

Dear, I know I can't live in your world,

I'm still colorless, colorblind

I would love your promise ring,

I would love to be refined,

I would love more than anything to be yours,

You bring me color and sunlight

To touch my pasty, white skin,

You could make me yours tonight.

Oh my sweet darling,

You're everything that has been true,

And though I'm colorblind, I can see that

I've always belonged to you,

Yes, even if that's all I can see,

That's all I need to do,

See that you're in love with me,

And that I'm in love with you too,

No colors, no strings attached,

Just you.